Prayers for PAL

Right now, our longstanding local outreach partners, the Atlanta Police Athletic League (PAL), are delivering nearly 1000 meals a day to low-income families with children in some of the hardest-hit neighborhoods in the city. In partnership with Atlanta Parks and Recreation and APS, PAL officers are helping ensure that the youth of our city have lunch and dinner to stay healthy and safe during this time.

When we recently asked how we can best be of help, they had one simple request: prayer. The nature of their incredible work puts them at a high risk of exposure despite doing their best to practice safety protocols. They take this risk because they know their work is essential and their hearts are called to serve, but they have a natural concern for their families and each other.

Mighty prayer—this is something we do well! Our dedication in prayer has been felt by so many over the years. Chances are, many of you have a story about how our prayer ministry or a church member’s prayers have lifted up you or someone you know in an hour of need. So today, as we say prayers for our families, friends, community, leadership, and the world, let’s also come together in connection with God and each other to pray for the officers of PAL and the families they serve. We know the need is great but stand in prayerful agreement that God is greater!

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