Prayers for Ukraine

“My name is Alyona Ladyzheva. I am from Ukraine, from the northernmost town of the country, the town of Slavutych, which borders Belarus. This town was built after the Chernobyl accident for those people, such as my family, who responded to and liquidated this terrible world catastrophe, risking their lives, continuing to ensure the safe operation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant for the whole world, including Belarus and Russia for all these years. For 20 years, I worked on projects to create the largest movable structure – an arch over the destroyed nuclear block of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in order to protect the world from nuclear danger.

After that, I decided that my calling should now be to create green safe energy. Therefore, for the last three years, I have been working on a project to build the largest wind farm in Ukraine in the very south of my country, on the shores of the incredibly beautiful pink lake Sivash near the Crimean peninsula, occupied in 2014 by Russia.

On February 24, 2022, I lost everything. On the very first day, my wind farm was fired upon and captured by Russian invaders. ChNPP was captured by Russian invaders and de-energized, which creates a danger to the world. My hometown of Slavutych is surrounded by Russian troops and is without power. People have no electricity, limited heat, and no way to cook food. All supplies of food and medicine have been blocked for 2 weeks.

And that’s just my little true story about the war. However, we are 40 million, and each of us has its own story of suffering and pain.
I appeal to all and churches and people praying for peace in Ukraine.

Please, please pray for each of these – each of these are very important

– for every Ukrainian who is at the front or in the rear,
– for every Ukrainian woman who protects her children,
– for every suffering Ukrainian child,
– for each Ukrainian wounded and killed,
– for my husband, who continues to operate a solar power plant and generate electricity for people in the country,
– for my family, for my husband’s family, who remained in the surrounded small town of Slavutych,
– the people suffering in the occupied and destroyed cities of Ukraine (Mariupol, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson and others),
– for each soldier of Ukraine,
– for our civilian men from the territorial defense who protect our cities, towns, villages, streets.
– for water – there are Ukrainian people and children who die (literally) of thirst
– for food – there are Ukrainian people and children who die (literally) from starvation
– for hot weather, now it is very cold, even minus 10 degrees and many take shelter in cellars – there are Ukrainian  people who have frostbite and literally die of cold
– for clothes, mattresses, beds, shoes
– to be found and removed from the rubble those Ukrainian who are under the rubble of bombed houses and buildings
– for those Ukrainians who have left their homes and country and have nowhere to rest
– for Ukrainian orphaned children who can no longer be cared for
– for Ukrainian single children who have reached the borders of the country
– for Ukrainian new orphans who lost their parents to the war
– for those Ukrainians who have chronic diseases (cancer and other serious diseases) who suffer because they no longer have access to treatments
– for Ukrainian children and adults with disabilities that no one cares for now
– For the safety of the elderly alone Ukrainian, left  without defense and without supplies
– so that no Ukrainian mother or father will see their child die
– so that no Ukrainian child sees their parents dying
– so that no Ukrainian child or young person or vulnerable adult is abused
– for energy, gas, electricity, and water in the Ukrainian localities that no longer have them
– protection of President Zelensky
– the protection of key people in Ukraine who may have an impact on the end of the war
– for the opening of new humanitarian channels in Ukraine so that civilians can escape the terrible situations in which they find themselves
– for fuel so that Ukrainian  people can move
– for the Ukrainian people to remain united
– so that every man who defends his family and the country has the necessary things for his own protection and for the protection of the family. I think David himself had a shield when he fought Goliath.
– for countries around the world to take a stand so that peace can be restored in Ukraine and not escalate in the region or even in the world
– so that every Ukrainian person separated from the family can meet again and hug one another
– for the safety of nuclear power plants (Chernobyl and Zaporozhye), avoidance of nuclear disasters. The Chernobyl plant is now disconnected from the mains, with the risk of a humanitarian disaster being high. Electricity is needed again to keep radioactive materials safe.
– for the country to have all the necessary resources to protect its children, families, inhabitants.
-for all the humanitarian support Ukraine needs at this very moment
– for peace in Romania, Poland and Moldova – our neighboring countries that received us as refugees
– ways for refugees leaving Ukraine to contact and find out about the families left behind. Most fleeing refugees have no news about this and do not even know if they are still alive or not
– for medicines needed to treat the wounded and those Ukrainians affected by chronic diseases
– so that the unprotected Ukrainian people who are in hiding will not be found by those who want to harm them

These are the specific requests for prayer that I bring before you.
We are sincerely grateful for all the help that you provide and continue to provide us, as well as for your prayers for us and our country – they can do true miracles and bring peace!”

On behalf of the Ukrainian people,
Alyona Ladyzheva

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  1. I am praying for each prayer request. God is faithful, always !!

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