• on Monday, September 30, 2019

Prison Ministry Family Day

Family Day at Metro Reunion Facility

What is Family Day at Metro Reunion Facility? It’s part Fall Festival and Family Reunion (1800 people) squeezed into 4 hours. For the returning citizens at Metro Reentry Facility it is their favorite day of the year. The team from Restoration Partners turns a prison yard into a fun carnival atmosphere. For a few short hours, the residents forget where they are and get to spend quality time with their families. The time is so precious because for some it has been years since they last saw each other. Dads hold their babies for the first time and grandmothers inspect their sons to be sure they are OK.

The returning citizens get to watch their children have fun in bouncy houses, play corn hole, laugh at face paint, and enjoy cotton candy and popcorn. When the lunch bell rings, our team serves hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings. For desert, we provide ice cream carts filled with whatever they want.

For Family Day we hire a DJ who knows his audience. Before you know it, the DJ has the returning citizens and their families on the dance floor dancing like no one is watching.

The day ends a lot differently than it begins. When the DJ tells the returning citizens to bring his family to the dance floor for one last dance, there is not a dry eye in the crowd. Every one of us can feel God’s presence and we all get to see a little slice of heaven.

Metro Reentry Center Family Day
Saturday, October 5, 10:00 – 2:00 pm
Help reunify and strengthen families for successful reentry after incarceration. This impactful event is so moving for all involved. To be a part, contact Beth Spencer at beths@prumc.org.

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