Sunday school opens a smaller community and large opportunity for spiritual growth!  No matter your age, or church experience, everyone enjoys friendship, connection and lifelong learning in Sunday School.

Sunday School for Adults

Adult Sunday School is the heartbeat of Peachtree Road. In a weekly small group, you can experience friendship, support and learning within the greater church community. Feel free to visit many different classes until you find the one that fits you best. Our hope is that you find your home in Sunday School at Peachtree Road.

On Sundays, Ambassadors are available to help you choose and locate Sunday School classes that may be a good fit for you! You can find Ambassadors on the Sanctuary level in the Rotunda and the Adult Sunday School Building Lobby. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Byrd at 404.240.8270 or

Young Adults

Young Professionals
10:00 am, C210

This group of singles and couples meets weekly for Bible study led by PRUMC clergy and guest speakers. We attend worship together at 11:15 am and often meet for lunch afterward. For more information contact

Legacy Builders
10:00 am, C303

Newly engaged and married couples meet weekly for Bible Study led by members in the class. For more information contact Sarah Hoeflin at

Couples & Families

Abundant Life
10:00 am, B158

A community of married couples with growing families. Rotating class members and guest speakers lead faith-based lessons and discussions on marriage, family, and work/life balance.

Family Builders
10:00 am, C301

Mostly empty nesters, ages 40 to 60 something, this class is highly socially connected with each other. There are weekly speakers or programs with no outside work required.

Family Journeys
10:00 am, C105

This group of parents of school-aged children enjoy getting together to share their Christian journey. The unique class curriculum features a combination of both Bible-centric and topical lessons that are applicable to maturing families.

Family Ties
10:00 am, C208

This class studies a new theme each year with outside speakers as well as class members teaching. Lessons require no outside reading. Members are primarily mid 40s – mid 50s, but range from younger to older, and enjoy fellowship with 2-3 social functions each year.

10:00 am, C101

Parents of school-aged children focused on nurturing families who use a combination of speakers and class discussion.

Great Expectations
10:00 am, C306

The foundation of this class lies in their strong faith and connection with one another. Most children are nearly grown, and loving support is provided to one another as God’s word is studied each week.

In Harmony
10:00 am, B152

Members of this class range in age from 30s to 50s with children from preschool to middle school ages, including families, couples and individuals at similar life stages. Members are on a journey of faith and fellowship to build strong Christian foundations. Discussion is facilitated by class members with a diverse curriculum and monthly speakers.

Love & Fellowship
10:00 am, C106

Married couples, with and without young children, learn about building a strong Christian foundation for marriage. Curriculum is a mixture of Biblical discovery, current events, and traditional lessons led by class members and outside speakers. They have numerous social and philanthropic activities.

Wesley Class
10:00 am, C104

Young families in their 30’s support one another as they focus on strengthening marriages, building Christian families, and growing together in faith. The curriculum encourages individual and family growth through weekly lessons, volunteer opportunities, and social activities.

Adults in Midlife

Good News
10:00 am, C304

A friendly, caring group of marrieds and singles share life’s journey with intellectually stimulating classes and extra-curricular activities promoting fellowship and fun.

Faith Seekers
10:00 am, C204

This diverse class has members whose ages range from 50’s to early 60’s, single, divorced, and married. Optional homework includes buying the study book and reading a chapter or two for discussion.

New Beginnings
10:00 am, C302

This energetic group of couples and singles, ages 50-70, has speakers each Sunday with a focus on a range of relevant and timely Christian topics. The class also participates in meaningful outreach opportunities and enjoyable social activities.

Older Adults

10:00 am, C102

Late 60’s-70’s+. Lessons consist of guest lecturers including the church staff. The class is involved in both local and international outreach as well as a couple social events each year.

10:00 am, C103

An active class still growing in faith through traditional Bible study led by regular teachers.

10:00 am, C206

This group of 70’s+ prefers a non-traditional class, with a myriad of topics, ranging from Old Testament to current events that have spiritual significance, usually with a different speaker each week.

10:00 am, B156

A caring and supportive group of single and married senior adults committed to the church’s beliefs, mission and outreach. Class includes a variety of speakers discussing spiritual issues, personal journeys, current events and other interesting and challenging topics. Several social events are enjoyed each year. Everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday mornings.

Program Centered

10:00 am, B118

Engages seriously in scriptural study through the Disciple Bible Study Curriculum. Classes are led by two teachers. A study book is required, and there are weekly reading assignments. New curriculum is introduced throughout the year, and newcomers are welcome to join at the start of each new course, as advertised.

New Covenant
10:00 am, C205

Bible-based study for adults who are committed to learning in and out of class.

Open Door
10:00 am, C207

Participants come from a wide range of ages and stages of life and faith including seekers and disciples, couples and singles. Open Door is led by two teachers who offer original lessons during the academic year. The curriculum is Scripture-driven, and lessons are structured around themes.

Thinking Christians
10:00 am, C202

A group of individuals who meet weekly to talk about what it means to be Christian and how to put faith into action.

Sunday School for Youth

All students grades 6 – 12 are invited to be a part of the awesome community that is the Youth Ministry of Peachtree Road. No matter where you are in your journey, there is a place for you here. We learn, worship, serve, rock out and hang out. Come be a part!

6th – 12th Grade
Sundays, 10:00 – 11:00 am, Harp Center

Youth experience live worship, engaging message, and meaningful discussion with a small group. We’ll always enjoy food fellowship together too!

6th Grade
Sundays, 10:00 – 11:00 am, Harp Center

Confirmation is an important step in your faith journey. Now is the time in your life when you develop your own relationship with Jesus. You’ll learn what it really means to be a United Methodist and we’ll explore the history of our church and faith tradition. The Confirmation class is open to all 6th grade youth and any student wishing to be confirmed at PRUMC.

Sunday School for Children

It is our joy and privilege to help families grow in their faith together by supporting, nurturing and encouraging the tenets of our Christian tradition. Kids stay connected and build stronger relationships with their church friends Sunday mornings and beyond!

At Peachtree Road, we celebrate and welcome all God’s children. If you have a special needs situation in your family and would like information about available options or would like to volunteer as a “Special Needs Buddy,” please contact Martha Christopher at

At the 10:00 am Sunday School Hour

Sunday School
Age 3 years through 2nd Grade
10:00 am, Children’s Building

The United Methodist curriculum, which introduces major Biblical characters and events, is enhanced by music, crafts, outreach projects and seasonal assemblies through the year.

Third Grade Sunday School
3rd Grade
Sundays, 10:00 am, The Loft (3rd Floor Rollins Center)

Third graders receive the gift of a Bible from their church family and begin an exciting journey through the major stories of our faith.

Team 45!
4th & 5th Grade
Sundays, 10:00 am, The Loft (3rd Floor Rollins Center)

Our exciting format offers interactive, hands-on learning for our 4th and 5th grade children! Each week we gather together for energetic, fun Christian music and a skit with our Bible storyteller. We then move to smaller groups for discussion and activities based around our theme of the month.

At the 11:15 am Worship Hours

Young Worshipers
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Sundays, 8:45 & 11:15 am, Children’s Building

Children with their teachers, participate in the worship service through Children’s Moments, then attend an energetic large group worship time with music, story and prayer as they learn about God. Children return to their classrooms for small group activities designed to draw them closer to God and Jesus.

WOW! The Wonder of Worship
1st & 2nd Grade
Sundays, 8:45 & 11:15 am, Children’s Building

All first and second grade students, together with their teachers, engage in interactive learning experiences about baptism, communion, seasons of the church year, liturgy, music, prayer, outreach, and all aspects of our worship experience. Be ready to get excited about worshiping God!