• on Saturday, April 18, 2020

PRUMC Brings Easter Blessing to Metro Transitional Center

    For many of us, a special lunch is part of our Easter celebration. In worship, we give thanks for His Resurrection and the redemption it offered, and then we gather over a meal with loved ones. This Easter was an adjustment—we missed worshipping in person and then fellowshipping together. It may even have been a lonely time for those of us sheltering in place alone. As a church, we made it a point to come together online to celebrate and be reminded that we are not alone, and we are loved.

    But, we didn’t just come together in worship to celebrate—your gifts helped us come together to offer God’s love to our brothers and sisters in prison or rehabilitation. During this crisis, they are especially alone as their quarantine requires each of them to stay in their rooms at all times. So it was truly an Easter blessing when your gifts helped Chaplain Anderson provide the residents of the Metro Transitional Center with a special pizza lunch. It may sound small, but it was a reminder of the spirit of Easter—we are all able to receive God’s grace, and none of us is forgotten or alone. What a beautiful way to honor a holy day! We thank you for your loving kindness on Easter Day and each day.

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