• on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

PRUMC Choir Member Chan Stuart

    I joined the choir at PRUMC even before joining the church over thirteen years ago!

    I was looking for a new church home, but ended up finding so much more by joining the choir.  Choir has allowed me to become an active participant by focusing on doing rather than observing.

    Participating in a small group within the church is where you often find the best way to connect with others.  Because I “connected” with the choir, I have made the best friends who I now consider an extension of my family.

    Music is a most wonderful gift, and choir unwraps this “gift” week after week.  Music communicates in the language of the heart and spirit.  For me, scripture and prayer of spoken word occasionally seem one dimensional, but singing in the choir turns it into a three dimensional movie with glorious sound!

    How do you speak to God?  Choir is my of expression of praise to the Lord that could not be accomplished in any other way.

    Chan Stuart, Chancel Choir Member.

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