Relief for Ukraine


March 17, 2022

We continue to focus the funds (100%) on providing assistance inside of Ukraine.  PRUMC has sent $22,000 via Mt. Pisgah UMC. They have sent $20,0000 to date so jointly, we have made $42,000 in contributions directly to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are leading efforts inside Ukraine: All funds are going to serve refugees and those in the cities displaced due to bombs.  When we can no longer get monies into Ukraine, we will shift our focus to supporting contacts in Poland who are seeing the vast majority of refugees pass through.  PRUMC has also sent $10,000 to UMCOR (the United Methodist Committee on Relief who provides who assist in crisis situations globally).

Location – Kyiv, Ukraine: We are providing assistance for food and other supplies to sustain living and for transportation of people to Lviv and the Polish and Moldavian borders who do not have the means to escape safely.  The UMC in Kyiv is serving as a bomb shelter and food distribution center.  Please pray that they are able to obtain additional space for a new shelter, and for their safety as they continue to be under fire.

Location – Lviv, Ukraine: Many people fleeing from the East to the West (from Kyiv and Kharhiv) are ending up at churches in Lviv.  Our funds are being used for feeding and providing shelter for refugees. Over 200,000 refugees are currently in Lviv.  Please pray for our UMC in Lyiv as they are doing God’s work with few hands.

Location – Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Located about 80-100 miles south of the Romania/Ukraine border.  The Methodist Church in Romania is sending deliveries to the Ukraine border cities of Uzzhorod (Slovakia border) and Khust (Romania border) in Ukraine with mattresses, blankets, medicines and gasoline, so that they may be able to travel and pick up other known families or cross the border if they so choose.  About 100 people are staying in two United Methodist churches and a couple of flats.  Our funds are providing supplies that are being sent into Ukraine.  We are supporting similar efforts at the Polish border and will focus next phase of giving to help support their efforts as they receive refugees across the border.

To date, the estimated number of Refugees the border countries have welcomed.  Please remember these countrymen in your prayers as they are taking on an enormous burden with limited resources.  We are supporting their efforts as refugee camps are established.
Poland 1,720,227
Hungary 255,291
Slovakia 204,862
Moldova 106,994

March 11, 2022

Through your giving, PRUMC is providing critical, immediate, humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people. We have partnered with Mt. Pisgah UMC, who has close mission relationships in Ukraine. We are financially assisting a United Methodist Church in Kyiv and one in Lviv as they provide food, shelter and transportation for refugees fleeing from the conflict. We are also connecting with a UMC pastor in Kharkiv, one of the most devastated areas to date, to understand their needs at this time. You have seen these cities in the news.

The humanitarian crisis continues to escalate, but together, we are making a difference by providing financial assistance so that these pastors can continue to be the hands and feet of Christ as their churches are being turned into shelters.

You may give to the “Disaster Relief/Ukraine” fund at, or send a check payable to PRUMC with a notation for Ukraine Relief. (If mailing, please send to the attention of Dawn Hawkins.) We also continue to support UMCOR as they mobilize their efforts in the region. You may give to UMCOR directly, or you may send a check to PRUMC with UMCOR specified in the memo line.

We can also make a difference with our prayers. While we cannot share names of these pastors or their churches due to safety, we do ask you to specifically pray for each of them as they work tirelessly to meet the needs for food, shelter and medical care in their communities. Please continue to pray for God’s protection for all of Ukraine. PRUMC will provide opportunities for us to join in prayer together, over the coming weeks.

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