• on Monday, September 30, 2019

Sarah Crossman Sullivan

    Sarah Crossman Sullivan
    Thursday, October 17

    6:30 pm, Harp Center

    Beautifully Broken & Astoundingly Whole
    An Evening with Sarah Crossman Sullivan

    6:30 pm | Gathering & Appetizers
    7:00 pm | Guest Speaker, Sarah Crossman Sullivan
    7:45 pm | Q&A
    8:00 pm | Book Signing

    Throw off the facade of perfection. Capture the strength of growing in grit, grace, hope and love. Rekindle, revive, and recharge with attorney, consultant, speaker and author Sarah Crossman Sullivan as she discusses her new book, Beautifully Broken & Astoundingly Whole. Disarmingly funny, relatable, powerful, and healing, Sarah shows us how to re-ignite when we feel the light within dwindle. Join us for a powerful night of transformation, restoration, and laughter.


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