At Peachtree Road, we feel there is always something to learn, a better way to understand, and another direction to grow.  As the largest city in Georgia, Atlanta is a metropolis filled with life and diversity.  Let’s explore all the opportunity for growth our city has to offer.  There are infinite perspectives – and experiencing them is another way to know all God’s people and plans.


Latasha Morrison

Latasha Morrison
Be the Bridge
Monday, September 27, 6:30 pm, Sanctuary

Latasha Morrison, Diversity Expert, Unity Champion, and author of Be The Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation will speak to us on how we, as followers and believers of Jesus Christ can work towards bridging the gap with our brothers and sisters of different ethnicities and skin color. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Details coming soon.

Ten Day Challenge Racial Equity

A NEW 10 day challenge is coming this September. 
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Bridging the Gap Devotional: The Courage to Love
September 12-30
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Peachtree Road UMC has joined forces with Cascade UMC to build a bridge across the racial divides of our city. This journey will take us to a deeper understanding of extended faith family, our community and ourselves. Our time of discovery together includes conversations, fellowship, study and outreach.  This initiative began as a Lenten emphasis in 2019 led by Rev. Kevin R. Murriel of Cascade UMC and Rev. Bill Britt of Peachtree Road UMC. Facilitators included Bishop Woodie White, Bishop Sue Haupert Johnson, and Rev. Carolyn Stephens.

Equality. Period.

Rev. Carolyn Stephens

No life is beyond God's reach

Life in prison exists in a vacuum – everything happens inside, separate from the world we know. Connection and context can be lost and when that happens, where is hope?

Restore us, Lord God Almighty, make your face shine upon us, that we may be saved.  Psalm 80:19

Peachtree Road’s Restoration Prison Ministry is dedicated to bringing hope and the prospect of a new future to incarcerated men and women. We begin with the belief of self-worth. All of God’s children have been touched by different circumstances. Some have been impacted by crime and their loss is great. We know that there is a “come-back” in everyone and our goal is to help men and women make it.

Restoration strives to create a comprehensive program that supports any aspect of life that can further transformation. In addition to ministry to prisoners, we work with wardens, family and legislators.

To those incarcerated, we offer Bible study, discipleship courses, life skills classes, mentorships and community re-entry programs. Our work with wardens encourages them to change the culture of correctional facilities to ones of moral rehabilitation. Our ministry to families helps make holidays less lonely and nurtures the relationship of parent and child. With legislators, we help retool our system to provide justice with transformation.

Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of return to prison due to lack of adjustment. With a thoughtful approach, we can provide skills and support so men and women can overcome challenges and step confidently onto a new path. No life is beyond God’s reach.

For more information, please contact Ed Hamlin or Beth Spencer.

Where Hope Meets Opportunity

The Atlanta we love is an ever-changing city. Like many areas of our town, the Westside has evolved and devolved over the years. We are proud to be a part of its recent revitalization which is bringing much-needed opportunity to the Westsiders.

Along with philantropic business greats like Chick-fil-A and the Arther M. Blank Foundation, Peachtree Road has made a long-term commitment to bring positive change to this part of our city. Our area of focus is the Hollis Innovation Academy, the top-rated STEM school educating Pre-K through 5th grade children.

We support the determined students of Hollis and their dedicated faculty through sponsorships and volunteer efforts.