Mission Medical Consent

PRUMC cares about our team members’ health and safety.  We have a responsibility to the overall team, which must come before that of an individual.  Because of this, we have protocols in place prior to registration to avoid jeopardy of the mission.

It is important to know that our missions take place in developing countries and the level of medical care is not always consistent to that we may have at home.  Health care facilities are inadequate and sometimes non-existent.  Some medical conditions will require team members to purchase additional insurance that includes air evacuation.

Prior to registering for a team, and prior to purchasing airline tickets, a FULL DISCLOSURE of any medical condition must be presented to PRUMC’s Director of Global Missions and PRUMC’s COO.  This includes prior medical conditions, chronic conditions, and any condition that you have been under a doctor’s care for in the past 5 years.

Applicants must obtain and complete a physician’s release form (provided by UMVIM via PRUMC), and a letter from your doctor stating acknowledgement of travel plans and their consent to go.

Applicant’s disclosure, release and consent will be reviewed by a board and notified within a week of submission of status (either approved or denied.)  PRUMC retains the right to deny any individual a place on a mission team if we feel the mission could be jeopardized in any way.