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Water for Kenya
Water for Kenya
Water for Kenya


In 2015 Peachtree Road started a movement that we hoped would change the world. We began a partnership with Start with One Kenya to bring water filters to people on this earth who were dying from bacteria in their water supply.

We have now provided 43,800 filters to areas in Kenya.

Each filter given produces ten years of clean water for an entire household. Your generosity has now positively changed the lives of almost a quarter of a million people. The impact of our work is sustainable and grows exponentially. The current 8.4 million dollar savings in medical treatments from using our filters will grow to 84 million dollars by 2028. Data shows the PRUMC initiative has made a bigger impact on the world than the Millennium Challenge Corp’s 1 billion dollar project to improve water conditions.

Over the past five years, we have tracked:
+    90% reduction in water-borne illnesses
+    94% reduction in money spent to treat water-borne illnesses
+    95% reduction in days of school missed
+    96% reduction in days of work missed

Or, text HOPE to 404.777.1226.

Water for Kenya
Water for Kenya

Every ounce of clean water brings opportunity. In the areas we have served, people are no longer sick. Their good health brings normalcy and stability to their lives, and to the life of the community.  Join us in making yet another miracle this Christmas. Let others know God through us.  Please make a difference and give life!

$40 provides one life-saving UZima water filter.



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