To explore our faith

Faith-based travel provides one of the best means of education, and the world is an excellent classroom! Exploring the places of our spiritual heritage provides a better understanding and appreciation of the Church and the Christian faith. The Bible comes alive when you have walked where Jesus walked and stood in places where He performed miracles and taught His disciples.

Everyone is invited to participate in Peachtree Road / EO travel opportunities, and early registration discounts are available. Locate our brochures in the church kiosks or contact Jamie Jenkins at 404.771.7031 or

February 15-26, 2020

Holy Land

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

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Join Rev. Bill Britt on a 12-day tour of the Holy Land. You will visit sites and places where Jesus ministered, set sail on the Sea of Galilee and walk through the Old City of Jerusalem. Traveling to the Holy Land not only increases your understanding of scripture and strengthens your relationship with God.

Bethlehem, Jordan River, Jericho, Masada, Ein Gedi, Wadi Qelt
Explore an exciting archeological dig, the palace and final resting place of Herod. Visit Jesus’ birthplace, the site of his baptism, and the mount where Jesus was tempted three times. Experience the stronghold of the Jewish Zealots and visit the hiding place of David from King Saul. Take a boyant dip in the Dead Sea.

Emmaus, Caesarea Maritimi, Megiddo, Nazareth
Journey through the valley where David defeated Goliath. Travel the road where the resurrected Jesus visited his disciples. See an amazing archelogical dig of 20 cities built on top of each other. Visit Jesus’ boyhood home and the site of his first miracle at Cana.

Galilee, Northern Galilee, Beit Shean, Samaria
Sail and worship on the sea. Contemplate on site the Sermon on the Mount, pray in the Chapel of Primacy, visit the synagogue where Jesus taught, experience the Church of the Fish and Loaves. Visit ancient altars and fortresses. Pass through the Valley of the Doves.

Walk the Temple Mount, explore wall excavations, including the Teaching Steps and Western Wall. On Mount Zion, see the House of Caiaphas, the Upper Room and King Davids’ Tomb and the tomb of Lazarus. Stand on the Mount of Olives, site of the Ascension. Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, see the Book of Isaiah, sing in the Church of St. Anne, view where Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate and walk the Via Dolorosa.

And much more!

June 3-12, 2020


Pilgrimage to European Passion Play and Capitals

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Enjoy 10 days in Germany, Austria, and Prague with Jamie Jenkins.  You’ll explore Innsbruck, Prague, Dresden, Leipzig, and Berlin. Tickets to the Oberammergau Passion Play are included with time to explore the sites in southern Germany, such as Ettal.

About the Oberammergau Passion Play
Since 1634, the most famous Passion Play in the world has taken place in Oberammergau. The tradition, maintained and experienced almost without interruption for over 380 years, of putting on the play about the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ every ten years, will be continued for the 42nd time in 2020. It is regarded as the most important Passion Play in the world.

Pilgrimage to European Passoni

The village at the edge of the Bavarian Alps expects approximately 500,000 visitors for the passion play, over half of which will be international guests. A special law is in effect to insure that all actors of the world’s largest amateur dramatic performance come from the village. All participants, from actors playing the big speaking parts such as Jesus, Mary or Judas, through members of the choir, orchestra members, firemen and ushers, must have been born in Oberammergau or lived there for at least 20 years. Over 2,000 Oberammergau villagers will participate in the 2020 Passion Play.