Staff Photos – Helpful Hints and Tips to Prepare for Your Session!

Staff Photo Sessions (Make up dates) – September 12 & 13


The day before your session is a great time to prepare your outfit. If you want to have a healthy glow in your photos, make sure you are well hydrated on the day prior and be sure to go to bed early so you will look and feel well rested.


Now it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the experience! Our wonderful photographer, Pam Sheldon, will direct you on how to pose and ensure that you get the best possible shots.


After the shoot, Pam will spend time sorting through the photos and editing.


Your outfit is a large focal point of your photos, so choose something that suits your personality and career or brand. Make sure your clothes suit your body type and fit well. Keeping mind: less is more; simple is best! Feel free to add a pop of color to add some personality and flair. Keep your skin tone and hair in mind when choosing an outfit as contrasting colors make for some of the best photos. Avoid busy prints or logos. Jewelry and accessories should not distract but compliment your overall look. Want to see what you might look like in photos in a certain outfit? Take a few selfies to decide what works and what doesn’t.

  • Solid colors look great in headshots.
  • If going with a pattern keep it simple.
  • Start with a simple shirt or blouse and slowly add layers.
  • Make sure that ALL clothes are ironed and pressed before the shoot. Wrinkles in clothes are difficult to Photoshop out. 
  • Don’t worry about shoes as these are headshots. Be comfortable!

Most importantly, try to relax – the photo session is the fun part of the process!  Remember to hydrate and get some sleep the night before your session.

(Includes several excerpts from Photo Style Guide by Bonnie J Heath Photography –


We will follow up about dates when Pam gets in town for folks that are out of town over August 15-17. Allison Powers will be in touch with those of you that have confirmed vacations during these dates. 

You should have received an email with a confirmation of your time slot through Sign Up Genius. You can access the link via the button below if you need a reminder of your time. If you have any last minute scheduling changes, please email Allison at

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