Susan Marshall’s “Home” Reflections

It's good to be homeOver the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed a bulletin bookmark focused on our fall theme of  It’s Good to be Home. On the front of each bookmark is a quote relating to Bill and Karla’s sermons and, on the back, we’ve included Questions for Reflection. Bill Britt and Susan Marshall crafted each one of these quotes and questions not only to encourage a deeper connection with each week’s sermon, but also to open a dialogue between each of us!

When we share reflections and experiences with each other, we are all enriched, as a congregation and a community. To begin this dialogue, Susan Marshall wanted to share her personal reflection from Bill’s September 7th sermon on the Prodigal Son. We hope you will be inspried by her words, and then we hope to hear from you! Thank you for all you contribute to Peachtree Road and we look forward to reading and responding to your comments.


September 7th Question for Reflection:  
Can you remember a time when you left home in search of something more, something that would satisfy a hunger deep inside?  How did that turn out?

Susan’s Reflection:
A year after my husband died I felt that yearning to find a new purpose in my life.  Having had the rich experience of caring for and loving him, it was time to find a new passion.  I found that new purpose or “home within myself” when our congregation decided to create PRAYERS FOR PEACE.  This ministry reminded me of Harry’s devotion to all those who serve around the world.  We were also hoping it would be a reminder to our each of us and our community that praying for peace makes a difference.  Little did we know what healing and comfort it would bring to many families in our country, who had lost loved ones  Iraq or Afghanistan.  Finding our way home–either physically or within ourselves–is a journey to rediscover God’s grace and love for us.


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