Blessed quote Susan McGonigle
Susan McGonigle
For many, the Dogwood Shop at PRUMC is a beautiful store full of thoughtful gifts, art, clothes, and books, where you can feel good about spending your money as all [...]
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Blessed photo Jean Nottingham
Jean Nottingham
Eighteen years ago, Peachtree Road truly changed my life and gave me a mission. In 2003, I was sitting at my kitchen table when a friend shared photos from her [...]
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Book Review “My Son…My Son…” | Ray Segars
This is a very personal narrative of one who dealt with the tragic loss of a precious loved one.  While it was written forty years ago, it has been revised [...]
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Book Review “The Boy Between” | Susan Thigpen
This book published in 2020 is a memoir by both mother and son about the son’s (and family’s) journey through depression. The dedication of the book reads “My dedication is [...]
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