• The Coronation service fell into six basic parts: the recognition, the oath, the anointing, the investiture, which includes the crowning, the enthronement and the homage.
  • The coronation lasted three hours. The Queen’s Coronation service began at 11.15 am and lasted almost three hours, concluding at 2.00 pm. She was crowned at exactly 12:23 pm.
  • The Queen had a new batch of anointing oil. The anointing has the deepest significance during the ceremony. Usually a batch is made to last a few Coronations. In May 1941, a bomb hit the Deanery destroying the phial of oil, so a new batch had to be made up.
  • The Investiture:, The Queen first put on the newly-made Colobium Sindonis – a loose linen-lawn garment, and then a robe of cloth of gold called the Dalmatic or Supertunica. The Lord Great Chamberlain presented the golden spurs, the symbol of chivalry, after which the Archbishop of Canterbury presented a jewelled sword, and then the armills, the golden bracelets of sincerity and wisdom. Finally, The Queen put on stole and cloth of gold Robe Royal and received the orb, the coronation ring, the glove, and then the sceptre.
  • The orb: also made in 1661, was the most important piece of regalia. It is a globe of gold surrounded by a cross girdled by a band of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire and pearls with a large amethyst at the summit. It represents “Christ’s dominion over the world” and the design is symbolic of the three continents that the medieval rulers believed existed.
  • The Wedding Ring of England: The coronation ring was placed on the fourth finger of The Queen’s right hand by the Archbishop. The ring was made for the Coronation of King William IV in 1831. It is a sapphire surmounted by a cross in rubies surrounded by diamonds.

The coronation chair: The Queen was crowned in St Edward’s Chair, made in 1300 for Edward I and used at every Coronation since that time, over 700 years. It is permanently sits in front of the High Altar at Westminster Abbey.



The Crown: Music from the Coronation
Sunday, March 3, 2019
7:00 pm | Sanctuary

Celebrate the 66th anniversary of the coronation Queen Elizabeth II! The PRUMC Chancel Choir, Georgia Boy Choir, Orchestra, and Great Organ will perform highlights from this historic occasion.

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church
3180 Peachtree Road, NE | Atlanta, Georgia 30305
404.266.2373 | www.prumc.org

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