The Crown: Who Knew?

  • Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation date was chosen by the weather. Needless to say, in true British style, it rained.
  • Eight grey gelding horses drove the Queen from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. Their names were: Cunningham, Tovey, Noah, Tedder, Eisenhower, Snow White, Tipperary and McCreery.
  • The Ministry of Food granted 82 applications for people to roast oxen. if they could prove that by tradition, an ox had been roasted at previous Coronations – a welcome concession in a country where the meat ration was two shillings a week.
  • Coronation Chicken was invented for the occasion. It was a recipe of cold chicken in a curry cream sauce with a well-seasoned dressed salad of rice, green peas and mixed herbs. Constance Spry’s recipe won the approval of the Minister of Works and has since been known as Coronation Chicken.
  • Ready girls! As The Queen and her 6 coronation maids prepared for what was surely the greatest day of their lives, The Queen is reported by the maids to have said, “ready girls” before they all set off for the 3-hour coronation service.
  • She made one mistake: She forgot to curtsey with her Maids of Honor at the north pillar of Westminster Abbey. Luckily, no one noticed except the Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • A tradition retired: Sadly, the tradition of The Queen’s Champion riding in full armour on horseback into Westminster Hall declaring a challenge to anyone who doubted the new Sovereign was NOT revived for the Coronation.



The Crown: Music from the Coronation
Sunday, March 3, 2019
7:00 pm | Sanctuary

Celebrate the 66th anniversary of the coronation Queen Elizabeth II! The PRUMC Chancel Choir, Georgia Boy Choir, Orchestra, and Great Organ will perform highlights from this historic occasion.

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church
3180 Peachtree Road, NE | Atlanta, Georgia 30305
404.266.2373 |

Tickets Here

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