The Woman’s Missionary Society Quilt

On June 24, 1925, seventeen women met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Andoe, 3218 West Shadowlawn Avenue, NE to organize The Woman’s Missionary Society* (The Society) of our new church, Peachtree Road Methodist Episcopal South.

Mrs. M.D. Jamerson was elected president of The Society, and their first endeavor was to raise and contribute money toward the purchase of land, buildings, and necessities that build community and fellowship. To help raise funds, The Society decided to create a quilt. For 25 cents, members and friends could buy a “slice” of the quilt on which their names would be embroidered. Families, church groups, Sunday school classes and many individuals purchased slices, and today, we have a beautiful stitched record of their participation in this effort.

The women in The Society worked countless hours piecing, sewing and quilting their creation. When it was completed, the quilt was given to Mrs. M.T. Salter. Later, the quilt was given to her granddaughter, Cordelia Salter Barksdale as one of the first babies to be baptized in the church. Mrs. Barksdale then gave the quilt to the United Methodist Women’s group as a part of our church history.

This precious quilt is part of our church archives and will be displayed during our Centennial Celebration year in our Archives Resource Center.

*In 1940 the General Conference of The Methodist Church changed the name of the Woman’s Missionary Society to Woman’s Society of Christian Service. This was later changed to United Methodist Women.

PRUMC’s Centennial 2025: Celebrating 100 Brilliant Years!
On June 7, 1925, the first public worship service of Peachtree Road Methodist Church was held in a partially completed chapel. From those humble beginnings our church has grown to become one of the largest in Methodism! In just a few years our church will celebrate its centennial anniversary. We will be building up to the big day by shining a light on the stories of our church. Special thanks to Eve Respess for her work on the PRUMC archives and centennial celebration.