Transformative Grace

“Grace transforms us into something more than we were before.”

This Lent we are focusing on Compassion and studying the beautiful ideas and words of Ron Greer. Ron writes, “Compassion begins with grace, for there is its source and inspiration.” Because we have received grace from God and from others, we are much more able to give it freely. The more compassionate we are, the more our souls are filled to overflowing with something we need to share.

As we consider this, we are so happy to share a living example of the compassion of Peachtree Road. This Christmas, you shared the grace of God once again with the people of Kenya. Thanks to you, we are able to blanket the people of Rongai with health and love in the name of Christ. We exceeded our goal of $240,000 and collected $270,861 to provide life-saving water filters to a third region in Kenya. Over 140,000 people’s lives will be transformed, and we thank you. We are grateful for the continued support, compassion, and grace you offer to our church and world community.

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