Ukraine Aid Update | March 30

Many people in our congregation are compelled to provide support through prayer as well as financial assistance for humanitarian aid and we are grateful. We’ve seen over $60,000 come in over the past three weeks, ranging from $5 gifts of cash in the offering plate to $10,000 gifts from Giving Funds.

To date, we have sent $50,000 in aid to Ukraine through our Mt. Pisgah partners and through UMCOR. We continue to directly support efforts in Kyiv, Lviv and several border towns in Ukraine as well as countries absorbing the continued swell of refugees. Our partner UMC in these countries are sending deliveries of much needed supplies like medicine, blankets and food. They are also helping transport refugees to designated areas of safety and shelter. These funds are reaching critical areas very swiftly and are enabling pastors to meet the needs of displaced Ukraine citizens.

Nearly 300,000 refugees are currently living in Lviv, which is staggering knowing that the “normal” population of Lviv is 700,000.

The pastor of St John’s UMC in Lviv, Ukraine provided this update: “These days are busy and it’s really hard to find a quiet time for correspondence. My body is exhausted, but my spirit is strong, so I fall asleep everywhere I find a place to sit. We continue helping refugees as well as local people, those who are in financial and spiritual need during this most difficult time, the time of war. At this point, we have recognized that there are many families who have fled the war, come to our city Lviv and the region and need financial support, as they are running without savings and it is now impossible to find work and they are hungry and tired. We continue to help with their needs.”

UMCOR is distributing funds to area UMCs and issuing grants to organizations such as the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) and Human Rights League. These grants are providing transportation assistance, humanitarian supplies such as food, water, clothing, shelter and medication, as well as legal services and safe spaces for women, children and those with disabilities.

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