• on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What Comes Next?

What Comes Next? A Conversation with Rev. Dr. Kevin Murriel and Rev. Dr. Bill Britt

Rev. Kevin Murriel is a friend and colleague of Rev. Bill Britt. Having met through Bishop Woodie White, they and their respective congregations (Cascade UMC and Peachtree Road UMC) first collaborated by participating in a civil rights tour in Selma, AL. Since then, they have been meeting and discussing “what comes next?” through a racial reconciliation partnership ministry. Now, in a time of heightened unrest and social tension, Bill and Kevin have a one-on-one, heartfelt conversation about the systemic racism still ever-present in our communities, cities and country.


  1. This conversation is very inspiring! This is an excellent start to a solution to our racial misunderstandings. The white community needs to recognize that there is a problem and we are a part of the problem. Until we recognize our part in the problem we cannot begin the fix it. Peachtree Road let’s do our part.

  2. So much appreciation to Kevin and to Bill ( and Bishop White!) for your partnership, your example, your perseverance – this conversation is a gift! It is important work and so valuable to hear your witness, humility and counsel. I am grateful and hope that it is only the first of many times and ways that the congregation of PRUMC will hear from Kevin – and others – on Racial Reconciliation and the abolishment of systemic rascism and our part, as white people, in continuing it and our vital role in abolishing it. I hope for an opportunity for this to be preached/ presented at a Sunday Woship. With admiration and gratitude, Tracy

  3. Thank you,Bill, This was a perfect frank and open discussion .believ.e that this and meetings I had with my Judah group are the best way to get to know our black/brown brothers and sisters. The I am tuned in every Sunday to the live church service. Your sermons ar e so inspiring. When the pandemic is over, ou considered trading pulpits with Cascade UMC minister? Think about I t. With great admiration and God’s love, Joyce Hutchison

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