What We Do Here Makes a Difference

April 16, 2021

Dear Peachtree Road Family,

I hope you are well. Everywhere I have gone this week, I have heard good news about the ministry of Peachtree Road:

  • One person who has been out of work for nearly a year let me know that the support he has received through the church’s “Career Connect Ministry” has made a world of difference in his life. He wakes up each morning grateful for the encouragement of others and hopeful in his job search.
  • In the midst of a Zoom meeting, another person let me know how much the online worship services have meant to him and his family. He especially expressed appreciation for the music and the high quality of the livestream broadcast and let me know they have not missed a single Sunday of worship at Peachtree Road in the last year.
  • A parent who has a child in The Preschool at Peachtree Road shared with me her gratitude for the safe and effective way her child has been able to learn and grow with friends. She said the experience has been a light in the midst of long, dark tunnel for her family.
  • And, out of the blue, I received a note from a person helped by a community agency with whom our church partners to let me know that her family has gotten the help it desperately needs, and that she is grateful for the ministry of Peachtree Road.
In response to each of these, I found myself smiling and thinking, “This makes my day!” I wanted to share these testimonials with you. What we do here makes a difference in the lives of individuals and our community. Thank you!Speaking of good news, thank you for your generous contributions to our Lenten Offering. You generously have given over $170,000 in support of the agencies with whom we partner throughout the region to make a difference in the lives of others. If you have not had an opportunity to give, it is not too late. We will be receiving gifts toward this offering through the end of this month, and you may contribute by sending your check made payable to Peachtree Road UMC and marked for “Lenten Offering” or through the church app or website. Thank you for passing the blessing along to those who need it so badly.

I really am looking forward to Sunday as we continue our celebration of Easter. This week we will be considering a strange post-Easter story from Luke’s Gospel in which Jesus proves that he is not a ghost by eating some leftover broiled fish from a meal prepared for the disciples (Luke 24:36-43). Do you ever find yourself wondering if Easter is real? Do you find yourself wondering if it’s just a metaphor for new beginnings or a legend meant to inspire us to live our best? Well, there is nothing more essential to the Christian faith than our belief in the resurrection of Jesus. Each Sunday, when we affirm our faith by reciting the Apostles’ Creed, when proclaim:
“the third day he rose from the dead…”
On Sunday we will hear Luke’s words and consider the inspiration they provide for folks living in the second decade of the 21st century. I invite you to join us in person by registering here or by tuning in to the livestream through the church website at 11:15 am on Sunday or anytime during the following week.
Sunday also is the day when the Bishop releases news about the ministerial appointments for the coming year. At the close of Sunday’s service, we will be able to make announcements about changes on our clergy staff here at Peachtree Road. I hope you will tune in to hear those announcements as we look forward with great anticipation to the future.
Finally, let me remind those who received your first COVID-19 vaccine at the church the last three Saturdays, that you now are eligible to receive the second vaccine. We are pleased to partner with CORE on this important community health initiative and encourage you to sign up, if you have not already done so, here.
I am so grateful for the transformational nature of our church’s ministry. Thank you for the role you play. Please do not hesitate to call on me if I may be of help to you.
Grace and peace,

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