What a Way to Celebrate World Water Day!

Thanks to your generosity, Start with One Kenya, and the efforts of our most recent Kenya mission team, three islands on Lake Victoria – Sifu, Ndeda, and Oyamo – are now 100% COVERED with UZima clean water filters! That means that every man, woman, and child on three islands has access to clean water and the opportunity to live in good health. These communities have seen the love of Christ in action and received tangible reminders of that love. Their children can now attend school. Their parents can now work and spend earnings on items other than waterborne illness mediations. These communities will grow. And they will flourish.

But, we are not done! The funds you helped raise over Christmas will allow us to provide clean water to one more island on Lake Victoria. Lives will continue to be transformed and we are so grateful to you, Start with One Kenya, and our incredible PRUMC mission teams. Thank you. Thank you for all you do as the hands and feet of Christ.

Want to do more to provide #cleanwater and #Uzima water filters on #WorldWaterDay and throughout the year?

  • Spread the word about UZima filters to your friends and family. Visit www.uzimafilters.org or www.prumc.org for details.
  • Give toward these clean water initiatives.
  • Sign up to be part of a Kenya mission trip through Peachtree Road.
  • Pray for the communities in Kenya and around the world in desperate need of clean water.
  • Help raise water awareness on social media. Highlight #WorldWaterDay and #UzimaFilters today!
Kids on Omayo Island excited to have clean water!

Kids on Omayo Island excited to have clean water!

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