You Are Our Provider

Monday | March 23

Rev. Daniel Ogle

Almighty God, you are our provider, our guide, and the great deliverer who rescues your people.

We are grateful that you are not a God who is distant and unconcerned. You are the God who enters into our lives and our world to heal sickness, cure disease and make a way even when we can’t see one.

And so in these scary times, we pray, that by your mercy, you will heal those who are sick with this virus.

We pray, that in your love, you will protect those who are vulnerable to being infected.

We pray, that by your grace, you will work through health care professionals, disease specialists, and government leaders to develop a cure for this virus.

We pray, that by the power of your Spirit, you give your church the courage and passion to be your hands and feet to love with extravagant care the people of our community, our city, our nation, and the world you love so much. Amen.

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