• on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

You Have Entrusted Us

    Tuesday | May 12
    Rev. Jamie Jenkins

    God of us all, You are Almighty. You are high above all others. You are the Creator of all that is good. We are in awe at Your creation.

    We look up at Your skies, the moon and the stars that You have made, and we wonder what are human beings that You would pay attention to them. Your Word tells us that You have made us only slightly less than divine and crowned us with glory and grandeur. You have entrusted to us human beings the management and oversight of all Your handiwork.

    We are in awe that You would allow us to care for all that You have so lovingly made. We are humbled at the task. We are grateful for the privilege, but we confess that we have not always done a good job of caring for Your handiwork. Forgive us for the way we have treated each other and for our carelessness and apathy toward the resources You have provided.

    Great and Good God, You have entrusted us with knowledge and wisdom beyond our comprehension, and You have challenged us to apply our gifts for the good of all. At times we have been faithful, and at other times we have been negligent. There have been times when we have been stretched almost beyond our perceived limitations, but we have stepped up to the challenge and have made remarkable accomplishments. Thank You for constantly supporting and encouraging us.

    Lord, in the face of our current situation we acknowledge that the only way we can achieve what is needed is to look to You for direction and assistance. We pray that divine wisdom and knowledge will be offered to all who are working tirelessly to find an answer to this COVID-19 virus and that You will give them courage to act on what You provide.

    We pray for strength and protection for those who are caring for the sick and seeking to protect us from this deadly disease.

    We pray for the multitudes of others who are putting themselves at risk to be sure we have the necessary food and supplies.

    We pray for teachers, entertainers and others who have stepped into the gap and creatively educated and entertained us.

    We pray for all leaders in the private and public sector that they will put aside all differences and focus their talent and energy on a solution that will benefit everyone.

    We pray for religious leaders that they will continue to offer spiritual guidance and find ways to keep us connected to You and to each other during these difficult days.

    We pray that all of us will realize that we have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe and healthy and that we share the responsibility for the welfare of all our fellow human beings.

    Most of all, Lord, we pray that people everywhere will know Your love and experience Your presence during this difficult time. Help us to be Your ambassadors.

    Hear our prayer, O Lord, as we offer it in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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