Our present, and our future

Youth Worship at Peachtree Road.

At Peachtree Road, our youth are a vital part of our congregation. They share their gifts with us in so many ways and in turn, we create a safe, trustful, and fun environment to cultivate friendships and faith. As our present and our future, our youth are essential to our church life.  All students grades 6 – 12 are invited to be a part of the awesome community that is the Youth Ministry of Peachtree Road. No matter where you are in your journey, there is a place for you here. We learn, worship, serve, rock out and hang out. Come be a part!


7th – 12th Grade  |  Sundays, 10:00 – 11:00 am, Harp Center

We believe that God is present in all things and that you should live out your faith in a way that speaks to you. In Foundations, we worship, study, and fellowship our way. Join us Sunday mornings for food and fellowship and find God!

6th Grade  |  Sundays, 10:00 – 11:00 am, Harp Center

Confirmation is an important step in your faith journey. Now is the time in your life when you develop your own relationship with Jesus. You learn what it really means to be a United Methodist as we explore the history of our church and faith tradition. The Confirmation class is open to all 6th grade youth and any student wishing to be confirmed at PRUMC.

7th – 12th Grade
Sundays, 10:00 am, Harp Center

“Suppose one of you had a hundred sheep and lose one…”
At Peachtree Road’s 1|99, no one is lost. At our exciting Sunday night group you’ll engage and connect on so many levels. Each 1|99 session brings meaningful discussions with relevant peer groups. After time with small groups, we end with dinner, fellowship and lots of good feelings to take us into the school week.

Coming Up

Upcoming Major Dates:

Please check back for updates or contact Tamara Witt with any questions.

Our Building Blocks for Discipleship

Lives lived together through weekly experiences designed to help us grow in faith, service, and relationships.

Foundations Worship
Join us every Sunday morning for a time of fellowship, donuts, games, and worship for all youth before breaking out to their respective classes.

Foundations High School
A weekly themed Bible study led by Chris Mucha that explores scripture and how it applies to high school life. We will spend time this year exploring Jesus’s words in a theme titled “The Red Letters”.

Foundations Middle School
A weekly themed Bible study that explores scripture and how it applies to middle school life. The study is led by youth ministry staff and experienced volunteers.

Confirmation is the process for youth to become full members of the church. 6th graders spend the year learning about God, Jesus, and the history of the United Methodist Church. The group will meet every Sunday morning and enjoy a retreat together in October. The group is also open for any youth that are not 6th graders that wish to be confirmed at PRUMC.

Doxology Youth Choir Tour

May 29-June 5, 2020,  Grand Canyon

High School Mission Trip

June 21-28, 2020, Belize

Middle School Trip

July 12-16, 2020, BigStuf

Register here for all upcoming trips.

Doxology Youth Choir

With over 50 members, Doxology Youth Choir is a welcoming place for students to find new friends and grow through music, worship and leadership opportunities. We learn great music for worship, outreach, Christmas music programs, and a weeklong spring tour. (Recent tours have included Florida beaches, England, and the Pacific Northwest & Canada. Our 2020 tour will take us to the Grand Canyon!) We also have fun activities, meals and parties throughout the year.

Membership is open to all, and within Doxology you can also audition for a small-group chorale. Join us, and find the group you’ve been looking for!

Peachtree Ringers

We play handbells in worship and in concerts throughout the year. During rehearsals we play great music, expand our knowledge and develop our musical skills. Bell Ringers in this
group continue to strengthen their music reading abilities and learn complicated handbell techniques. Some handbell or other musical experience is ideal.

Volunteers make the youth ministry at PRUMC happen. We count on our families to look for ways to “plug in” and volunteer. Here are some of the ways you can serve.

Shepherds are the foundation of the youth ministry at PRUMC. Shepherds are adults that love Jesus and love youth and will guide our youth along their discipleship process. Shepherds guide a small group of youth, meeting with them as a group once a week and keeping up with them throughout the year. It is a one-year commitment and our shepherds are also encouraged to join us for special events and retreats.Text

Foundations Teachers
Foundations teachers help teach our Sunday morning gatherings. There are regular teaching opportunities as well as substitute opportunities available.

Prayer & Care Team
This team focuses on the hearts of our youth and families. They commit to praying regularly for youth and families in need. They also focus on surrounding our leaders and volunteers in prayer. The prayer/care team helps to facilitate and host an event per semester to help guide our families through shared cultural pressures (anxiety, social media, adolescent development, etc.).

Host Teams
Our host teams help set up the lobby and lounge on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings and greet youth as they gather and check in.

Event Planning
This team helps plan special events throughout the year, including Halloween Extravaganza, Christmas Parties, special 1|99 nights and other events.

Environment Team
Our environment team focuses on helping shape our physical environment for worship to follow our teaching themes. Part of the team also focuses throughout the Harp Center so that our space tells our story.