Zoom Video Communications

Praying Digitally Face to Face
Weekdays, 7:15 – 7:30 am, ZOOM
In these significant times, help us bring hope, healing and heart to each other, and the world through daily prayer.  Gather to pray every day at https://zoom.us/j/5696176420

Study of John
Fridays, 8:00 am, ZOOM
March 27 – April 17
Join Elizabeth Byrd each Friday at 8:00 am for a live bible study via Zoom! Gather to study at https://zoom.us/j/633506191

10:00 am  –  Sunday School (Contact your group leader for Zoom ID)
10:00 am  –  Confirmation Class
11:15 am  –  LiveStream Worship
4:00 pm  –  1/99 Online

7:15 am  –  Open Prayer Circle

7:15 am  –  Open Prayer Circle
7:00 pm  –  Doxology Youth Choir Rehearsal

7:00 am – Men’s Group
7:15 am  –  Open Prayer Circle
10:30 am  –  Journey Together
7:00 pm  –  Chancel Choir Rehearsal
7:30 pm  –  Young Professionals

7:15 am  –  Open Prayer
10:30 am  –  Stepping Stones

7:00 am – Men’s Group
7:15 am  –  Open Prayer Circle
8:00 am  –  Study of John

Zoom Gallery View
Zoom Speaker Conference Webinar

1.  Get Zoom Free

Zoom is a video-conferencing website that allows us to be with each other in these times of social distancing.  If you are new to Zoom, rest assured – we are too!  But within just one week, we have been able to bring people together face to face for meetings, Sunday School classes, Bible studies and fellowship.
We are grateful for this tool and would like you to be connected with your church family in this way.  The first step is to download the mobile or desktop application to get started. If you are on a phone or tablet, search for Zoom in your App Store. If you are on a desktop computer, you can access the download here: https://zoom.us/support/download

We recommend getting the Zoom app for all devices – phone, tablet and desktop/laptop.  You will be asked to create a login.  You will only need to create one login which you can use to access Zoom on all of your devices.

How to Sign Up and Download

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

2.  Types of Users


Basic users have the ability to meet with up to 3 people for 40 minutes.


Licensed users can meet with up to 300 people for unlimited time.

If you are a PRUMC Small Group Leader

If you are a PRUMC Small Group Leader and need to set up classes or studies, please contact a PRUMC Staff member for assistance.  If you are a basic user and would like to set up meetings under the church’s licensed account, we will need to add you to our network.  We simply add your email address, and then you are notified by Zoom asking you to “switch accounts.”  (The church’s Zoom account is associated with jill@prumc.org.)  Many of these emails have been caught in spam filters so be sure to check yours if you aren’t notified in a timely manner.

For inquiries, please contact:  Jill Barnes  |  jill@prumc.org

How to Schedule a Meeting

3.  Tips for Getting Started!

  • Does your computer have a camera, speaker and a microphone?  Some do not.  If your does not, you will want to use your phone to participate in a Zoom video conference.
  • Each Zoom meeting has a url, or web address. This allows you to join a meeting online. Group leaders will set up Zoom meetings and send the url to participants.
  • Depending on how a group leader set up a Zoom meeting, attendees may join before the host arrives. If not, you will receive a message that the host has not yet started the meeting.
  • If someone else is speaking during a Zoom video conference, it is good practice to “mute” yourself.  This cuts down significantly on background noise.
  • Use headphones with a microphone. This also cuts down on background noise, and peripheral noise for you.
  • Quit any applications that have sound notifications. If you aren’t muted, anyone in the meeting can hear your email client or other programs with sound enabled.
  • Audio controls can be found at the bottom of your screen. Look for the microphone icon.
  • If two or more people are in the same room, just use one device to attend a meeting. Two devices in the same room will cause an audio echo that all participants can hear.
  • Embrace video! It helps all participants engage fully in the meeting. If you aren’t comfortable yet with that feature, you can turn your video off.
  • Video controls can be found at the bottom of your screen. Look for the camera icon.
  • If you do choose to not use video, consider uploading a photo of yourself in Account Settings. This way other participants will see your image instead of a black screen.

Audio and Video Options