July 5, 2019

Dear Peachtree Road Family,

The days of the summer are here, and I know many of you are enjoying time away with loved ones. While you may be away enjoying cooler climates on the weekends, I do want to keep you up with what is taking place at your church.

First, let me take a moment to look ahead. I really am looking forward to Sunday’s worship service. Of course, July means “Summer in the City” here at Peachtree Road. During this month, you are encouraged to dress “comfortably” for worship. Our services are a bit more casual, and lemonade and cookies are served each week in front of the church at the close of worship.

This year’s theme is “Christianity 101.” We will be focusing upon the basics of our faith. The mission of our church is to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Everything we do is focused upon achieving this goal. The question is, what is a disciple? Well, the word is the transliteration of the Greek word for “learner” and we have come to think of a disciple of Jesus Christ as someone who knows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, is growing in relationship with Christ through prayer and study, is serving Christ through outreach with others, and is sharing Christ in word and deed. The schedule for coming weeks is as follows:

July 7  |  Revelation 2:1-5  |  Know Christ
July 14  |  Acts 4:23-31  |  Grow in Christ
July 21  |  Matthew 25:34-40  |  Serve Christ
July 28  |  Matthew 28:16-20  |  Share Christ

I hope that you will plant to attend worship when you are in town and join us as we seek to deepen our relationship with Christ.

This week’s message will focus upon “knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.” You and I understand that there is a difference between knowing about someone and really knowing someone. Our faith seeks to engage us in a relationship with the Resurrected Christ. This is not just intellectual knowledge about Christ, but a walk with him daily. I believe this message could be very helpful to many as we strive to live an abundant life. In preparation for Sunday, I would encourage you to read the Revelation 2:1-5 and reflect upon the message to the first century church in Ephesus.

Next, looking back, yesterday we held our annual Party on Peachtree in front of the church. We gathered to cheer on the 70,000 runners who ran in the Peachtree Road Race, and I am grateful for those who helped organize this event. Our members handed out bottles of water, cheered, and offered encouragement to participants in this year’s Peachtree Road Race. Every year many of the runners express appreciation for the presence of our congregation out front, and you provide a good witness for the spirit of generosity of this church. Thank you for your participation. It was a good morning.

Finally, I want to encourage you to begin thinking about the fall and opportunities to engage in Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with others at Peachtree Road. We will be offering a number of classes (both short-term and long-term) beginning in September (including Disciple Bible Study, Financial Peace, and other studies) designed to help you grow in your walk with Christ. Look for more details in the very near future.

I know many of you are traveling this holiday weekend. If you are unable to worship in person at Peachtree Road, I encourage you to stay connected to your church family by worshiping online at 11:15 am or viewing the service later in the week through the church app or website.

See you Sunday for Summer in the City!