PRUMC has been working in Nakuru, Kenya since 2008. In 2011, we partnered with SWOK, led by Bill and Chat Coble, working closely with rural UM churches in the area.  We support their mission to create and empower change so that people have access to clean water and education, leading to improved health conditions and better economic opportunities.

Join fellow PRUMC members in faith and fellowship, as we work side by side with the Start with One Kenya (SWOK) team and locals of the community to make a significant and sustainable difference on people in towns surrounding the Nakuru area of Kenya. You will have the opportunity to participate in hygiene education and water filter distribution initiatives in a local community, as well as participate in minor construction projects in partnership with local churches and schools. PRUMC’s Christmas Eve offering is used to support SWOK’s water filter distribution efforts in the region, affording us the opportunity to not only financially support the operation, but to also be the boots on the ground in the distribution efforts. Truly a unique and rewarding experience.


Where will we stay?
We will spend one night at an airport property hotel, such as The Crown Plaza.  While in Nakuru, we will stay at the Tumaini Presbyterian Conference Center, located about 3 hours drive from Nairobi.  Rooms are typically double occupancy – comfortable and firm beds, clean rooms, mosquito nets over beds, and hot showers.

What about food and accommodating dietary needs?
Breakfast and dinner are served Buffet style at the conference center.  We pack lunches for the work day – typically Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich with a bag of chips.  It is not possible to accommodate special dietary needs so please plan to bring in food with you if necessary.  Most people bring snacks to supplement local offering.  The Water is NOT safe to drink.  Use only bottled water or Uzima filtered water for everything, including tooth brushing.

What do I need to wear?
Please bring conservative, modest clothing to wear while in Kenya.  Sleeveless shirts/tanks, running shorts will not be appropriate outside the ministry center.  Shoulders and Knees should be covered by both men and women.  Pants should be worn on work days.  Long skirts are appropriate for Sunday/evenings for women.  Bring layers as evenings can be cool.

Is Kenya Safe?
SWOK is experienced at hosting mission groups and they do their best to make wise choices for your in-country travel.  We will travel in groups and stay away from areas of known dangers.  No travel is risk-free. You may check the US State Department website ( for any current travel advisories. At no time, should anyone leave the group, especially while in Nairobi.

What shots do I need before we leave?
Please refer to the CDC website for recommendations regarding vaccines.

What is the current COVID travel situation?
As of August 1st, US travelers arriving from Georgia may enter Kenya if you are fever free and have received a negative result on a COVID test within 96 hours of flight departure in the State.  If you arrive with fever, you will be required to quarantine in a local facility for 14 days.  Because medical resources and general healthcare is limited, the mortality rate due to COVID is much higher than in the US.  We must focus on keeping our team and the local community as safe as practical and will refer to CDC and UMCOR guidelines as we make decisions for Global Missions.

Will we have time to explore the area?
Yes.  We will have the opportunity to visit a local animal sanctuary or nature preserve during the trip.  You will not leave Africa without experiencing the beauty of its culture, plants and majestic animals.

Additional Detailed Trip information and Team Handbook will be provided at the first trip meeting.