PRUMC has been serving the Imereti (western) region of Georgia since 1999. We work closely with our partner, GeorgiaforGeorgia (formerly ISGY) to break the cycle of generational poverty through education.

Our efforts focus on keeping children healthy enough to remain in school. We see them through the elementary years and then work to provide skills and training as they get older, so they can help support their families and thrive on their own.

Join us!

On this trip, you will have fun! You will engage with children of all ages in their school setting. Team members organize and conduct arts and crafts, science projects, mentoring, musical activities, field days and many more creative activities.

We are able to fund much of this initiative through the Sponsor-a-Child program that provides nutritious meals, clothing, medical and dental care. Each year, we are lucky enough to visit and check on the children through our Georgia mission trip.


Additional detailed trip information and team handbook will be provided at trip meetings.

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