2023 Annual Campaign

Supporting the Church Operating Budget

Annual gifts & Pledges

We are committed to creating a strong spiritual community and advancing the mission of the church. Annual gifts and pledges support our current programs and ministries and give us the resources to develop new ones. By making your annual gift, you help the church optimize resources and expand our reach.

Legacy Support

John Wesley Endowment Society

Planned gifts

It is our privilege to create opportunities for those who will come after us. Through the John Wesley endowment foundation, your planned gifts will benefit current and future generations.  When a gift is endowed, the principal of the gift is invested – never used itself. The earnings of the gift support the mission of the organization. Since the principal is never used, the endowment is permanent and self-sustaining. At Peachtree Road, our endowments are used exclusively for Outreach and Capital needs. A portion is gifted once a year, and the remaining amount continues to build the fund. All gifts are managed by an Endowment Board of Peachtree Road members.  Planned gifts can be made by everyone in any phase of life and we encourage donors to discuss options first with a financial planner. Any member of the John Wesley Society can recommend a qualified professional to review different provisions. These may include:
  • Bequest: A provision in a will for a stated amount or for a percentage
  • Property: A bequeath of land or residence
  • Insurance Policy: Naming the church as a beneficiary, or gifting a policy to the church
  • Securities: Non cash charitable gifts including shares and bonds
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Annual income for the donor, with the remainder specified for charity
To learn more, please contact Roger Laney, Financial Controller at rogerl@prumc.org.

Seasonal Support

Additional Offerings

special gifts

Special offerings are taken once a year to benefit our ministry partners.

Wellroot Family Services is dedicated to the welfare of children and families. Programs guide young people through foster care, transitional and independent living, and help families maintain shelter and stability in the face of homelessness.

Every Thanksgiving, we are able to provide hot, nourishing meals to the families served by Buckhead Christian Ministry and Hollis Innovation Academy. Donations purchase traditional Thanksgiving dinners of turkey and accompanying side dishes for the working poor families of these communities.

Each December, Peachtree Road is privileged to host Christmas Kindness. We provide a shop full of new coats, household items, and toys so the working poor of our city may select gifts for their families with dignity at no cost to them. Caring volunteers are paired up with clients to shop, enjoy refreshments, and wrap and load selections.

Water for Kenya
With an exceptionally designed water filter and mass organization, we have positively impacted over a quarter of a million people in Kenya. The UZima filter, designed by Peachtree Road member Bill Coble, has been recognized and recommended by the World Health Organization. $40 provides one filter that will last a family ten years. We are proud that each year the Peachtree Road Christmas Eve offering is designated for this worldwide effort.

It’s never too early to cultivate the deep compassion that comes from mission work. We are proud that so many of our Youth commit to facing great needs and dive into this hard but rewarding work each summer. Each Youth Sunday, we have the opportunity to support their efforts, their personal growth, and their love of others by giving to their mission initiatives.

At the beginning of Lent, we are asked to set aside a designated amount each day or week as a spiritual discipline. These small, symbolic acts are meant to share in the sacrifice of Christ. At the end of the 40 days, we bring our collected offerings to the church on Easter Sunday in gratitude and for the glory of God. The collection is given to the 17 Atlanta outreach agencies that we are proud to partner with year-round to the benefit of our community.

A one-time cost of $365 sponsorship (only $1/day) provides nutritional meals, medical and dental care, coats, boots, and loving care. Our annual sponsorship campaign takes place each spring and is in cooperation with our mission partner, International Support for Georgian Youth (ISGY).

Wesley Woods offers safe and supportive living for low-income senior adults in Georgia. By assisting with shelter, healthcare, and other necessities, elderly residents are given a decent and dignified life. This offering ensures that residents, regardless of income, can continue to live in a Wesley Woods home.

Murphy-Harpst is a safe haven for abused and neglected children, providing for basic needs as well as emotional and spiritual support. This UMC ministry is often the saving grace of children who have nowhere to turn. Murphy-Harpst offers specialized treatment, foster care, and programs to serve youth and their families.

To give by check

Contributions can be made to PRUMC by cash or check. If mailing a check, please make payable to Peachtree Road United Methodist Church. You may bring to the church office or mail to:

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church
Attn: Business Office
3180 Peachtree Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

to give by stock donations and wire transfers

Contributions can be made to PRUMC with stock and wire transfers. PLEASE PROVIDE DONOR’S NAME ON ALL TRANSFERS. Contact Roger Laney, PRUMC Financial Controller at (404)240-8329 or rogerl@prumc.org if you have questions or need assistance. Our Brokerage Firm information is as follows:

Brokerage Firm:  Stifel
Brokerage Firm DTC Number:  0793
Broker Contact:  James M. McLendon at (404) 231-6524 or jim.mclendon@stifel.com
Account Name:  Peachtree Road United Methodist Church
Church Account Number:  7848 7248