Your support of Peachtree Road’s annual church budget allows the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church to flourish, supporting staff, children and student programs, missions, care ministries, and more. We take the stewardship of your gift seriously, and you can be assured it is used to best further the mission of our church in our community and in our world.

Through “Give Today”, you can donate to our Operating Budget and support the daily mission and ministry of our church or choose a specific initiative.

If you’d like to support our annual stewardship campaign by pledging a specific amount, you may use the “Make A Commitment” option below.

The stewardship of our finances is an often overlooked area of our lives where we can practice our Christian devotion. By living our faith through generosity, we are free to live open-handedly with the gifts God gives us. Instead of fear, we can live in trust, knowing that God’s provision is allowing us to thrive and give simultaneously. During this giving season, please prayerfully consider your support of the ministries of Peachtree Road. Your gifts make ALL things possible!

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