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Church membership promises that Peachtree Road will support your lifelong faith journey as a Christian and provide a loving, nurturing community. Members support that community through their prayers, presence, gifts and service. To fully engage in church life is to be fulfilled by it.

If you are considering becoming a member of Peachtree Road, our Evangelism Office will be happy to help you with membership, orientation and small group opportunities. Here you will find out how to make Peachtree Road your church home!

Below you will find information about becoming a member and the support you will receive upon joining our church family. For any questions or to get started, please contact Rev. Daniel Ogle at 404.240.8270 or

Joining Steps

A week before joining, we ask that you provide Membership Information using the form found on this page. This will help us get to know you and connect you to people and programs that may be of interest to you here at the church.

You will be matched with a shepherd, a member of the congregation, who will help welcome you into Peachtree Road. This person is available to help you find a small group and introduce you to other members of the congregation. Shepherds are present during the worship service when new members join.

Our new members come from a variety of backgrounds and all are welcome!

Are you currently a member of another United Methodist Church or another denomination?
If so, you will be transferring your membership to Peachtree Road. When we receive the name and address of your previous church, our Church Office will request a transfer to our congregation. The United Methodist Church honors baptisms from all denominations, so new members will not be baptized again.

Are you joining a church for the first time and have already been baptized?
You will join on Confession of Faith, which means you are joining a church for the first time.

Are you joining on Confession of Faith and have never been baptized?
You will first be baptized as part of the worship service. You will then join on Confession of Faith during the worship service.

Joining Day

New Members join the family of PRUMC during our Sunday morning worship services at 8:45 or 11:15 am. The invitation to join is issued during the middle of the worship service. It is noted as “New Members” in the worship bulletin. You will join the minister at the altar with your shepherd to receive the Vows of Membership. At the end of the service the congregation will have an opportunity to welcome you to Peachtree Road!

A thirty minute reception is held for all new members in the Hospitality Suite. The purpose of this reception is to discuss the many ways each new member can make Peachtree Road a church home. If you are joining at the 8:45 am service, the reception is held immediately after the service. For those joining at the 11:15 am service, the reception is held from 10:30 am to 11:00 am.

Vows of Membership

The Vows of Membership for all new members:

Are you striving to love the Lord your God with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength? Are you striving to love your neighbor as yourself ?

I am.

And do you desire to serve Christ through Peachtree Road United Methodist Church?

I do.

For those joining on Confession of Faith only:

On behalf of the whole church, we ask you: Do you truly and earnestly repent of your sins? Do you believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth? Do you confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Do you receive the Holy Spirit, the giver and sustainer of life? Do you profess the Christian faith as contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments? Do you promise, according to the grace given you, to keep God’s holy will and Commandments, and to walk in the same all the days of your life as a faithful member of Christ’s holy church?

I do.

Then the person shall kneel, and the Minister, laying hands upon the head of each candidate shall say:
The Lord defend you with His heavenly grace and by His Spirit confirm you in the faith and fellowship of all true disciples of Jesus Christ.


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  • You may suggest a church member as a shepherd here. Let us know if you would like us to select one for you.
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