Disaster Relief

Natural disasters can hit at any time, in any place, and the results are devastating. Homes and neighborhoods destroyed by tornado or flood, leave victims overwhelmed by the enormity of their loss.

Our Disaster Response Teams head to sites in the Southeast as soon as we are allowed, to help clear debris and recover personal belongings and family treasures. Just showing up makes a difference and provides hope to a community that recovery is possible.

Join us!

This is a great opportunity for those who would like to test the waters of mission work, or those who have a more nimble schedule, such as active retirees. No construction or special skills are required. Recovery trips last between 3-5 days and are usually just a few hours away. All that is needed is a heart to serve and enough stamina for a few days of manual labor.

PRUMC member Wally Weeks shares about his experience serving others on our disaster relief team.