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Season of Service Lenten Outreach

The Season of Service

This year we are expanding our annual Great Day of Service into an entire SEASON of service. We are excited to offer new and reimagined outreach opportunities for all ages and abilities throughout Lent.

In a million small ways, we continue to make a big impact on our community when we come together in service. Join us once again to serve others as the body of Christ in a renewed and relevant way.

Stewardship 2021 Love Your Neighbor

Stewardship Is Ministry

In times of uncertainty, you can count on this great church to provide the love, support, and hope you need for the journey ahead. We all find strength in the peace of our faith, and the fortitude of our community. Peace, hope and love are not easily translated into monetary value, but they are easily understood as ministry. Your faithful giving in support of the operating budget of the church enables the ministry of Peachtree Road to shine light into our lives and into the world. Right now, your church needs your help. If you have not yet committed your stewardship for 2021, please prayerfully consider a pledge or recurring gift to the church budget today. Thank you.



Peachtree Road United Methodist Church seeks to help the people of Atlanta find their peace and their purpose within a Christian community.

Our vision is to be a place of inspiration for all people so they may realize their potential in serving others; and in doing so, become leaders and exemplify the principles of our Christian faith.

Here, all are welcome to join in the worship of God, the fellowship of this community, and the ministry of outreach. Regardless of your age, orientation, income, politics, color or creed, you are welcome in this place.

We believe that every person on every path can lead as well as serve, and in doing so find inclusion and fulfillment. Peachtree Road United Methodist Church is a church for all the people of Atlanta and we hope you will be a part.

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