Face Mask Protocol Update

In alignment with CDC’s updated guidelines, fully-vaccinated people will no longer be required to wear face masks to attend services at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church.  Those who have not been fully vaccinated are encouraged to continue to wear face masks in recommended situations.  As we all navigate evolving protocols, we appreciate your flexibility and the great care you continue to show others.

Seder Meal 2021

Jesus in the Passover – A Seder Experience

Peachtree Road & Light of Messiah Ministries
Wednesday, May 26, 5:30 pm, Grace Hall

What do the Jewish Passover and Jesus’ Last Supper have in common? How do foods symbolize redemption? Come find out as Light of Messiah Ministries brings a Passover meal to life! Learn about, and enjoy the traditions of this custom from ancient times to today. Open to everyone; Cost is $8.  Please register here.  For more information contact Elizabeth Byrd at elizabethb@prumc.org.

A Celebration of Life for Rev. Don Harp

On Saturday, May 15, 2021, family and friends gathered to celebrate the rich and faithful life of Rev. Donald Allen Harp, Jr.  To honor Don and those who offered beautiful words and music, we will make his service available for viewing this week at prumc.org.  A pdf of the service program is available below.



Peachtree Road United Methodist Church seeks to help the people of Atlanta find their peace and their purpose within a Christian community.

Our vision is to be a place of inspiration for all people so they may realize their potential in serving others; and in doing so, become leaders and exemplify the principles of our Christian faith.

Here, all are welcome to join in the worship of God, the fellowship of this community, and the ministry of outreach. Regardless of your age, orientation, income, politics, color or creed, you are welcome in this place.

We believe that every person on every path can lead as well as serve, and in doing so find inclusion and fulfillment. Peachtree Road United Methodist Church is a church for all the people of Atlanta and we hope you will be a part.

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