“For it is in giving that we receive.”

The stewardship of our finances is an often overlooked area of our lives where we can practice our Christian devotion. By living our faith through generosity, we are free to live open-handedly with the gifts God gives us. Instead of fear, we can live in trust, knowing that God’s provision is allowing us to thrive and give simultaneously.  During this giving season, please prayerfully consider your support of the ministries of Peachtree Road. Your gifts make ALL things possible!

Budget and Giving Breakdowns

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2020 Budget Graph

Your support of Peachtree Road’s annual church budget allows the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church to flourish, supporting staff, children and student programs, missions, care ministries, and more. We take the stewardship of your gift seriously, and you can be assured it is used to best further the mission of our church in our community and in our world.

2020 Giving Level Step Chart
  • Discover where you are on the giving chart.
  • Consider increasing your giving by 1% of your income this year.
  • Strive to be a tither (giving 10% of your income.)
  • Every gift is important and makes a difference in the work of the church.

Why we go “All In!”

This pledge season we are honored to have members share their stories of what Peachtree Road means to them.  Each Sunday in worship, we will hear a meaningful message about the value of supporting the church and the ministries we love.  Special thanks to Frank Boykin for sharing his story on October 13, 2019 at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church.

One-Time Designated Gifts  |   Current Donation Opportunities

Current Donation Opportunities

Natural Disaster Assistance – Bahamas
When natural disasters hit, we respond quickly with funding, water filters and emergency teams. We work to meet immediate needs and to prevent further crisis that comes from water-borne illness.

Wellroot Family Services
The programs of Wellroot Family Services (formerly The United Methodist Children’s Home) support children in the foster care system of Georgia, who do not know what a stable home feels like.

Other Designated Gifts
Our designated gifts focuses are planned throughout the year so that initiatives may receive individualized attention.
+ For information on all Mission Giving initiatives, click here.
+ For information on Friends of Music click here.

Your generous support creates the warm, faith community that is Peachtree Road.  Thank you!

The John Wesley Society

We are united by a common purpose to “do all the good we can as long as we can.” Through the John Wesley endowment foundation, our good works can continue for generations. We remember that we ourselves are the beneficiaries of the vision of Peachtree Road’s founding members, and it is our privilege to create opportunities for those who will come after us. There are many facets to planned giving and it can occur during, or after, one’s lifetime. Regardless of when, all planned gifts are used to develop, build and shape the future of our church and those it touches in compassion.

When a gift is endowed, the principal of the gift is invested – never used itself. The earnings of the gift support the mission of the organization. Since the principal is never used, the endowment is permanent and self-sustaining. At Peachtree Road, our endowments are used exclusively for Outreach and Capital needs. A portion is gifted once a year, and the remaining amount continues to build the fund. All gifts are managed by an Endowment Board of Peachtree Road members.

Planned gifts can be made by everyone in any phase of life. There are many ways to make a financially planned gift and we encourage donors to discuss options first with a financial planner. Any member of the John Wesley Society can recommend a qualified professional to review different provisions. These may include:

+  Bequest: A provision in a will for a stated amount or for a percentage
+  Property: A bequeath of land or residence
+  Insurance Policy: Naming the church as a beneficiary, or gifting a policy to the church
+  Securities: Non cash charitable gifts including shares and bonds
+  Charitable Remainder Trust: Annual income for the donor, with the remainder specified for charity

To learn more, please contact Raymond Reynolds at 404.240.8265 or raymondr@prumc.org.