We are excited to announce that Cascade United Methodist Church and Peachtree Road United Methodist Church are joining together for a Civil Rights Tour on Saturday, August 26. Members of both churches are invited to participate as we do the Anniston Civil Rights Trail together. 

The Anniston Civil Rights Trail recognizes and remembers key events, significant sites and people in the city of Anniston, Alabama during the American Civil Rights Movement (1954-1968). The trail is an introduction to the cultural changes that would transform Anniston into the city it is today. For this joint experience, we will travel together via charter bus, eat lunch together, and learn together while taking part on the trail. 

Please join us for this chance to explore our history and heritage.
$20/per-person plus the cost of lunch

Anniston Civil Rights Trail Joint Experience
Saturday, August 26, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Depart and Arrive from Cascade UMC
3144 Cascade Rd, Atlanta, GA 30311


All times are shown EST.
10:00 am – Departure
11:30 am – Civil Rights Trail
1:00 pm – Lunch
2:30 pm – Choccolocco School for Colored People
5:00 pm – Arrival

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