Baby Day 2023

Sunday, April 16

On this special day, all babies born to church members between March 1, 2022 and February 28, 2023 will be honored at the 11:15 worship service.  Please check this list if you have welcomed a new baby during these dates and contact Natalie Bennett at 404.240.8271 or with any corrections or additions.  We look forward to celebrating with you!

Elizabeth Janeway Barnes
Lincoln Cannon
Anne Louise Caswell
Sutton June Childers
Caroline Collier Collier
William Steele Conner
Andrew Michael Diaz
Owen Watts Douglas
Bradley Jackson Duckett
Connor Dunway
Madelyn Grace Fernandez
Palmer Adrienne Garrad
Grace Michele Gladden
Graham Wood Goodloe
Genevieve Joan Greene
Piper Olivia Heintz

Maggie Anne Hoeflin
Hayes Parker Holder
Clara Josephine Holmes
Hattie Kaas
Emily James Kaplan
Isabella Lauren Leggio
Margaret Collins McCutcheon
David Henry Menendez
Alexander Harris Milton
Mini Jane Molloy
Piper Reid Morelli
Hayes Strafford Neblett
Hamilton McCullough O’Brien
Claire Elizabeth Orrick
Balir Elizabeth Patteson
Caroline Perry

Louis Woodword Pittman
Sarah Elizabeth Pound
Meryl Tyndall Robinson
Theodore John Ruston
Walker Sartain
Elizabeth Ruth Shirley
Andrew Barratt Sturtavant
William Lane Valentine
Mark Patrick Viglotti Jr.
Lucas Cole Vinsant
Virginia Smith Waller
Raleigh Gardner White
Colston Charles Willis
Saunders Nix Wilson

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