Dear Peachtree Road Family,

I write this note to express my deep and genuine gratitude to you, for your overwhelming kindness and generosity. Anthony and I are truly thankful for the love and appreciation you have shown through your farewell gifts to us. 

My time with you was a tremendous blessing. Not one day of the five years that I served you did I work. No, each day was a gift I received. It was a gift in which I found joy and delight because I got the opportunity to walk alongside you on your faith journey, and to experience with you the presence, power, and goodness of God, doing ministry together. It is now a treasured gift because I got to know your hearts and have built wonderful and life-long relationships with so many of you. 

I have been truly blessed in more ways than one because of you, and you have indelibly carved your place in our hearts. 

Thank you, 

Carolyn and Anthony