The PRUMC Lenten Offering

We Help the Helpers

The PRUMC Lenten Offering is Peachtree Road’s consistent commitment to our community. Our gifts keep our outreach partners in the business of helping others, far beyond what we can do on our own. When we can’t be there, they stand steady.

The financial support we provide our local outreach agencies comes from special offerings outside of the church’s annual operating budget. Our Lenten Offering is our most important “ask” of the year for our partners, enabling them to deeply help others. It is also considered one of the church’s Lenten spiritual disciplines we practice together.

More than a donation, the PRUMC Lenten Offering is a reassurance to our partners and their clients. It says, “What you do matters. Thank you for trying – and succeeding… every, single day.”

100% of your gift to the PRUMC Lenten Offering goes to organizations that provide resources, promote equity and build strong futures for those in need.  Please see links below for more information on each agency we support with the Lenten Offering. 

  • $25 provides a lunch card for 5 homeless clients
  • $50 provides groceries for a Hopeworks widow
  • $100 provides work clothes for a Trinity client
  • $500 provides proactive re-entry classes for a formerly incarcerated woman
  • $1000 provides summer enrichment camp for 4 Agape kids
  • $5000 sponsors a youth football program for P.A.L. kids

We have the privilege of helping build a strong local community. Our partners know they can count on us – whether helping those in crisis or creating long-term solutions, PRUMC is on the scene. When those in need are supported, they can reach their potential, give back to the community, and create a sustainable cycle of hope. By loving our neighbors, we are building a better Atlanta and finding Christ’s light within ourselves.