Outreach to others is one of the most vital components of our faith. We are passionate about making our local and global communities a better place for all. By serving others, we feel the transformative power of our beliefs and see the positive change that it brings to the world. As we continue our work of empowering people and building sustainable programs, we see a light and a renewed resolution in those we touch. The greatest things happen when we listen to God’s call, open our hearts wide, and serve.

Water for Kenya

Thanks to Peachtree Road’s mission work in Kenya we have become a key player in the global effort to bring clean water to Africa. Our mission partners – Start with One / UZima designed and developed a water filter than is 99% effective in cleaning deadly contaminates. With this simple filter, and mass organization, we are able to land, disperse and distribute filters to entire regions in a week.

To date, over a quarter of a million people have been positively impacted by this initiative and the UZima filter has been recognized and recommended by the World Health Organization. With each clean water filter comes health, opportunity and life.

To learn more about Water for Kenya, click here.
To learn more about UZima water filters, click here.

PRUMC's Water for Kenya initiative brings clean water through Uzima filters.

Sponsor a Child

Peachtree Road’s mission work in the country of Georgia is a continued success story of love. Originally, our mission teams were sent out to provide food to socially orphaned children. (The parents in more destitute regions could not afford to care for their children.)

Years later, after establishing our Sponsor-a-Child initiative, children are fed, clothed and nurtured through this program. With basic necessities taken care of through Sponsor-a-Child, we are able to expand our mission to providing a brighter future for these children through education, vocational training and scholarships.

To learn more about our mission partner, Georgia for Georgia and the Sponsor-a-Child program click here.

PRUMC's Sponsor a Child program helps children in the nation of Georgia.