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Experience Syria

Syrian Refugee Virtual Reality Experience

Syrian Refugee Virtual Reality Experience
Sunday, February 19, 9:30 am – 1:00 pm, Grace Hall
“Surviving Syria” is the 360-degree virtual reality short film of a young boy named Ali. He and his family were forced to flee their country and now live as refugees. Experience life through Ali’s eyes at this World Vision exhibit. Registration is free and available here. If you are interested in volunteering to help with this event, please contact Tammy Hortman at

Water for Kenya

Water for Kenya Update: We Did It!

On behalf of PRUMC and Start With One Kenya, we would like to send out a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU for creating a miracle this Christmas Eve! Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise over $230,000. We went above and beyond our goal of $200,000 as a church this year and we are so thankful for you. The overall goal of this project is $480,000 and in one night, as one family, we were able to raise nearly ½ of that! What a mighty God we serve. If you would still like to give to the overall goal, visit www.prumc/cleanwater or contact Anne French at

Prayers for Nicaragua Trip

On February 20, Jan Bilthouse will lead a team of 19 women to Los Rios, Nicaragua to partner with Pinas De Paz. Please keep them in your prayers as they go into this world to be God’s hands and feet.

Global Mission Trips

Join us for a life-changing experience!  Go global and be transformed through the incredible mission opportunities we offer for all ages.  For more information contact Anne French at 404.240.8205 or

February 20 – 26Nicaragua (Women)

2017  Country
March 9 – 19 Kenya (Adult)
May 26 – June 4 Georgia (Adult)
June 2 – 11 Georgia (Adult)
July 15 – 22 Nicaragua (Family)
September 28 – October 7 Kenya (Men)
December 27 – January 2 Nicaragua (Family)

The Heart of Our Ministry


#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving. Today we have the opportunity to turn our hearts and minds to focus on how we can give back and help others. We are blessed to be a [...]

Uzima Impact in Kenya

Habari from Kenya! This trip to Kenya has been incredible and so humbling. My heart is over flowing with a joy and a peace that surpasses understanding. Yesterday we drove through Lanet, which [...]

Beautiful Nicaragua

The Nicaragua team returned home safely after a fun, spirit-filled week. Take some time to get a glimpse into their journey: below is some feedback from some of the team members along with some of [...]

Georgia Mission Trip

Georgia Mission Team Nurtures Blossoming Friendships & Community Our team of 11 Disciples arrived safely in the capital city of Tbilisi where, after a short overnight hotel stay, we ventured 3.5 hours by train to [...]

Belize Mission Trip

After a long, spirit rich, and productive week working with the church, teachers, and children in Corozal District, the team successfully arrived back home. Over the course of the last week, the team has been [...]

Faith that Outshines the Darkness.

PRUMC Men's Team with the street boys           and Bill Coble There is currently a team of 8 men in Kenya until May 15th serving beside Start With One Kenya Please continue to join [...]

Rollout has begun!

Water filter roll out in Lanet has begun!  In just one week, the PRUMC Kenya mission team led by Clint Smith, in partnership with Chief Francis and Start with One's Bill Coble, Chat [...]

Thank you from Georgia

THANK YOU! As of 4:30 today (Sunday, March 20,) 286 of our children in the country of Georgia have been sponsored.  151 were sponsored last Sunday and 135 today.  The team - both near and [...]

Thoughts from Kenya: Spring Mission 2016

Saturday, March 12 Snippets of friendly conversations wafted through the cabin as I toggled between sleeping and momentary wakefulness unaware of the plane streaming across the planet to our first destination: Nairobi, Kenya.  To a [...]

The Tweeting Chief and PRUMC

Meet Chief Francis Kariuki!  Also known as “The Tweeting Chief.”  The chief has been featured on CNN, BBC and other worldwide news programs for preventing and solving crime using the popular social media [...]

Clean Water for Christmas

Join us for one incredible effort on one miraculous night! Give Life . Join Peachtree Road United Methodist Church as we wipe out water borne disease in a defined region of [...]

The Gift of Life

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time . . . But if you have come here because your liberation is bound up with mine then let us work together." [...]

Missions Market Great Success!

Thanks to all who participated in our annual Missions Market as customers, volunteers, donors and organizers.  This annual event which took place on Sunday, November 15 was a huge success and raised $40,000 for PRUMC [...]

Kenya Mission Trip October 10-17 2015

Day 1, Saturday, Oct 10, Deep Sea Slum, Nairobi Over 12,000 residents live at Deep Sea.  We went to the ECD (preschool and Kindergarten) within the slum.  There were about 200 children in the room, [...]

Groundbreaking Water Filter Forum

Recently the PRUMC Endowment Fund Board granted a request to Start With One Kenya for $15,000 to fund a new water filter design called UZima.  This grant funded the original mold of this groundbreaking filter [...]

Country of Georgia Mission Trip 2015

A team of 11 departed on May 22 for a 1 or 2 week mission trip.  They are headed home next week, check out their updates below! Saturday, May 23rd (Gary Schneeburg) - Despite a [...]

Nicaragua Mission Trip – Last leg of trip

This will complete the reporting for the trip.   Thursday morning we split into two groups.  Each group made two home visits to houses that are close the farm.  The houses are generally constructed with wood, sheet metal [...]

Nicaragua Mission – First couple of days!

Sunday: We had a good trip from Atlanta to Pinaz de Paz last night. Arriving late , we went straight to bed. We have a wonderful group of seven PRUMC members.  This morning, we worshiped [...]

KENYA MISSION – Fridays are for dancing!

Friday's are for dancing! Another GREAT day in Kenya! It's hard to believe that this is our last full day here. Tomorrow evening we will head back to the airport. We left Tumaini this morning [...]

Kenya Mission – A Significant Contrast

A Significant Contrast (Wednesday) Wednesday marks the mid-point of our mission experience in Kenya.  While we have met and served many people in the first part of the trip, God continues to open our eyes [...]

Kenya Mission – Witnessing God’s Love

  [divider scroll_text=""]   "Habari!" from Nakuru, Kenya! The past three days have flown by so fast. Monday morning started off driving to Gituamba, an IDP camp (internally displaced person's camp). This community consists of [...]

Kenya Mission – The First 48

The first 48 hours of our journey have been a whirlwind. After a long day of traveling, we got settled in Nairobi for a team meeting and night's rest before jumping right into the community. [...]

New Roof in Nicaragua!

Peachtree Road - look what you did! Your gifts - and our 2014/2015 Family Mission Team placed a long-awaited new roof on the elementary school in Nicaragua. Great job everyone! Check out this video that [...]

Team Georgia shares stories

Today the Seasoned Saints were blessed with four of Team Georgia participants as each shared stories of the locations they visited, the people they met, and the services provided on their recent trips to the [...]

Thank You From Kenya!

Kim "Chat" Coble, PRUMC's missionary in Kenya, (through Start With One) gives a very heartfelt thank you to the members and friends of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church.  Their generous contributions are providing life-saving water [...]

Missions & McDonalds

Team Georgia completed their mission trip back in early June touching hundreds of lives.  One life profoundly affected was Beka’s who just turned 13.  Beka had already had 12 surgeries in his 12 years when [...]

Back to School – PRUMC & Nicaragua

Below is a picture of the 38 desk PRUMC congregation sponsored through the Mission Market giving cards.  The children in Los Rios, Nicaragua  go to school in buildings with dirt floors and leaky ceilings, imagine [...]

Island Time

SPM Mission Team During the week of July 20, 13 Young Professionals from PRUMC completed work including re-roofing a porch, rebuilding an entire porch, replacing the inside ceiling in a bedroom, replacing the [...]

The Start of An Adventure: Where the Heart Is

Wow.  I can't believe the time is actually here!   Since the day I stepped off the plane in Nairobi for the first time four years ago, I knew 10 day trips would not satisfy my [...]

Clean Water Kenya

Bringing clean and safe water to people can be one of the most impactful experiences you could ever have. On Friday May 23, eight mission team members and the Start With One organization supplied over [...]

Truly, These Children…

Georgia Mission Team - Off to Esteri Your team Georgia headed off to the Esteri institution Tuesday for our first project day ever with the entire school after supporting only the after school program for [...]

This is truly a day The Lord has made….

Georgia Mission Team - Day 7 Our long day began with an early morning visit to a local clinic where soon after a local physician joined our team at the Rioni Institution for the deaf [...]

An Ambitious Week!

Georgia Mission Team - Day 6 Saturday  was a sad but joyful time as we bid farewell to Carolyn, Doug & Grace as they headed home and your team Georgia moved on to the city of [...]

Another Glorious Day

Georgia Mission Team - Day 3 The Georgia team will rest well tonight after a full day if physical activities inside and out.  The day was highlighted by field day in perfect weather.  We continued with dance [...]

Kitski Arrival!

Georgia Mission Team - Day 2 Tuesday morning team Georgia arrived to a rousing welcome at the Kitski institution as the youngsters handed out roses and lots of hugs and kisses. What joy in their [...]

Tbilisi Arrival!

Georgia Mission Trip - Day 1 Everybody from team Georgia arrived into Tbilisi  safely and then ventured 3.5 hours to the village of Zestaphoni  where they settled in at their host home. After unpacking and [...]

Where the Heart Is: Janie French: May 18

Part One What a start! We have been on the ground now for two days and they have been full of amazing experiences. After fourteen hours of travel and with a layover in Paris we [...]

Where the Heart Is: Janie French : May 15

The Start of an Adventure Wow. I can't believe the time is actually here! Since the day I stepped off the plane in Nairobi for the first time four years ago, I knew 10 day [...]

Georgia to Georgia

Soon our global outreach team of twelve will be in the Country of Georgia with the 333 children/youth whom you and PRUMC support with your generosity and love.  The entire time is spent with the [...]