February 19, 2024

Today’s scripture and reflection

Holy and Loving God,

We confess that we hate to wait, especially when we are uncomfortable. We cry out to you for help when we are facing uncertainty, but when you call us to wait, we sometimes begin to doubt. Forgive us, we pray. Help us to remember how much you have done for us in the past, even before we knew our need for your grace. While we were yet sinners, your love found a way to save us through your Son, Jesus Christ. Your love is trustworthy and true. You never let us down. Remind us to count our many blessings and give you thanks. We know our failings. We know our limitations. You have proven over and over that your wisdom brings life from whatever it is that threatens to undo us. You are more powerful than anything of this world. Give us patience as we wait on you and courage to face this day and its challenges, trusting you to guide us safely through.

In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

Rev. Leslie Watkins