February 24, 2024

Today’s scripture and reflection

Most Glorious God,

We who love you praise your name in this moment and for all eternity. God, your glory manifests in your love for us, and we desire to draw closer to you. Please help us during this Lenten season to train our hearts and minds to remove the obstacles we place between us. We who struggle with sin seek to emulate your holiness, and then we catch glimpses of your glory. Those moments fill us with peace and cause our hearts to well up with your love. Empower us to turn to you every moment of every day and be delivered from our weakness.

Lord, speak to us so we can know which way to turn. Sometimes, our desires and the path forward are not clear. We know you desire to bless us. Please help us to see you are active in our lives. Enable us to put our faith in you. Let us recognize your voice in the scriptures we read. Let us realize that the eternal truths you communicate to us apply to all generations. Please give us the courage to put your eternal truths into practice with all humility.

Lord, once we come to trust in you, empower us to publicly proclaim your true identity to the whole world. Your church is built on this expression of faith. We hope to proclaim your glory loudly through our words and actions. Give us the clarity of mind and heart to see who you are, and encourage us by the power of your Holy Spirit to set our path toward reflecting your righteousness into the world.

In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray, Amen.

Rev. Geoff Beakley