February 29, 2024

Today’s scripture and reflection

Gracious and Loving God,

Faith, life, prayer, relationships are all filled with promises… Promises that we intend to keep to, adhere to, yet often, we fall short. Our promise is to put our faith first, to have no other Gods before you, to worship you with every word, action, thought and deed. The trappings of life tempt us to put money, things, wants, ahead of our relationship with you. So, we pray to be forgiven and to mend our wayward offenses and unkind thoughts and acts. When we transgress, slip up, put our greedy desires above our love for you, we know that we need you more than ever.

Gracious and Loving God,

We pray that our lives will reflect your life. May our words and actions concur with your words and actions. Help us to emulate you. Help us to think your thoughts, speak your words, perform your deeds, experience your feelings. Help us to embody your love. This is our prayer. We simply want to honor you and uphold the promises we made to you and to one another, thereby creating wholeness instead of sowing uncertainty and division.

Gracious and Loving God,

As you hold steadfast to your promises to honor all of us, as your precious beloved children created in your image, we ask for your guidance for our lives, While we cannot change our past bad decisions, bad thoughts, bad actions, bad feelings, we are convinced, dear God, that with you we can make better decisions, create positive thoughts, perform nicer deeds and allow the good feelings that come when our priorities and promises are in sync with our love for you – freeing us to reflect your love and emulate your goodness.

In Your Holy Name We Pray, Amen

Rev. Mace Hall