March 4, 2024

Today’s scripture and reflection

Most Gracious and Loving God,

We open our hearts to you in this moment of prayer, and our souls long to be with you. While you reside in the highest of heaven, we’re amazed by your glory but humbled and grateful that you extend your presence into the depths of our hearts and souls. Thank you for making your home within us.

Lord, each of us longs for home. We long for something more profound than ourselves. We desire a place that makes us feel secure and loved. We long for a place where we can feel at peace and content. Call us home, Lord.

We realize that the incarnate Jesus Christ laid the foundation of our home. From that foundation, we can rise to new heights in your love. Allow our souls to look on high and seek your splendor. You are our sun and shield, and we bask in your glory. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Please help us recognize your presence within us during our pilgrimage with you.

In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray, amen.

Rev. Geoff Beakley