PRUMC has been going to Belize since 2016. In partnership with UMCOR, we have served the Communities of Libertad and Corozal.

Join the PRUMC young adult team in Corozal, Belize as we work on projects that center around education. The schools in Belize are run by local churches and we work with area UMC pastors on education initiatives for the community. Teams focus on building relationships that will change lives, both those who serve and those who are served. Activities include VBS style interaction with the children as well as light construction projects at the church.


Where will we stay?
Team will stay at a guest house on UMC property in Corozal, Belize which is located two hours north of Belize City.  House has 8 bedrooms with twin bed accommodations, and includes AC, bathrooms and limited Wi-fi.  This is a week to unplug and enjoy spiritual fellowship.

What about food and accommodating dietary needs?
Meals are generally prepared by the teams and grocery shopping is done by one of us, so it is possible to manage dietary needs.  There will be opportunities to eat out as a team in Corozal.  Most restaurants can accommodate specific requests, but bring extra snacks from home if your restrictions are severe.

What do I need to wear?
Please bring conservative, modest clothing to wear while serving in Belize.  Shirts with sleeves are best to protect from the sun in the tropical climate.  Pants and closed toed shoes are necessary for construction projects.

Is Belize Safe?
UMCOR is experienced at hosting mission groups and they do their best to make wise choices for your in-country travel.  Belize City is fairly dangerous but Corozal, where we will stay, is relatively safe and quiet.  We will travel together by van, but no travel is totally risk-free.  You may check the US State Department website ( for any current travel advisories.  There is generally a warning from the US government to use caution during travel to Belize City.

What shots do I need before we leave?
Please refer to the CDC website for recommendations regarding vaccines.

What is the current COVID travel situation?
As of July 21st, Belize remains under complete lockdown with orders to shelter in place.  Travel is not open domestically or internationally.  Because medical resources and general healthcare is limited, the mortality rate due to COVID is much higher than in the US.  For this reason, Belize may be very slow to reopen to high risk countries such as the US.  We will continue to monitor the situation.  Once the borders do open, we will begin to explore how to safely travel to Belize with special consideration to keeping our team and the local community as safe as practical.  We will refer to CDC and UMCOR guidelines as we make decisions for Global Missions.

Will we have time to explore the area?
Yes, the team usually spends the weekend on a local island, enjoying the water and sun at a resort at an additional cost.  (This is an extension to the church mission trip and is not organized by PRUMC.)

Additional Detailed Trip information and Team Handbook will be provided at the first trip meeting.