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Roxiann Rogers

Roxiann French

Roxiann French is our Accounts Payable/Payroll Coordinator. She processes the weekly payables and ensures that invoices are paid promptly, as well as transmitting the Church Staff’s payroll bi-monthly. Roxiann maneuvers through her daily tasks with optimism, adapting to new challenges enthusiastically, with an eagerness to learn new skills. Originally from Waynesboro, GA, a small town south of Augusta, that is known as the Bird Dog Capital of the World, she visits family quite often for the home-cooked meals she grew up on. Outside of work, you can find Roxiann and her family taking many weekend trips to the beach for relaxation or to the scenic mountains to enjoy nature. Completing her call to author a book, mastering the steps to driving an eighteen-wheeler, and visiting Canada are on her to-do list.