Healing and Hope with Iris Bolton

Iris Bolton Suicide Awareness Hope and Healing

Iris Bolton is uniquely qualified professionally and personally to offer hope to those who have lost loved ones by death, loss, and suicide. After the tragic death through the suicide of her 20-year-old son in 1977, Iris and her family were catapulted into a grief process that was excruciatingly painful and ultimately healing and transformative.

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My Son … My Son … – A Guide to Healing After Death, Loss, or Suicide – by Iris Bolton

Suicide Prevention Ribbon September

As one might guess from the title, this book is about a very somber subject matter. While the loss of a loved one to a sudden death or suicide is serious, the author provides a hopeful pathway for those that survive to deal with the tragedy. The author, Iris Bolton, is a trained councilor and Director Emeritus of the Link Counseling Center in Atlanta writes of how she and her family dealt with the suicide of her son Mitch. The book is part memoir of their experience and part handbook for dealing with the grief.

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The Boy Between

This book published in 2020 is a memoir by both mother and son about the son’s (and family’s) journey through depression. The dedication of the book reads “My dedication is for all those who are living with depression. For all those who are thinking about or who have thought that suicide might be the best option. I am proof that there is a life to be lived after depression and a life to be lived with depression – though it might not always feel like it. Don’t give up. – Josh”

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